Television, drug of the nation

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  • Bought the books so know the full story.

    The list of the soldiers heading to the railguns was kind of fun.

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  • Episode 1 of The House on Netflix is the most unsettlingly thing I've seen in a long time. Beautifully made though.

  • just started on season 1 of the rom-com series 'The Handmaid's Tale'

    the laughs and romance are pretty sparse

  • Afterlife is a load of toss isn't it?­4/life-series-3-review-ricky-gervaiss-gr­ief-com-has-emotional/

    Watching a whole series of After Life in quick succession is a bit like hearing a six-year-old describe a four-year-old’s drawing of a funeral.

  • The only jokes in it are the characters saying ‘cunt’ or doing fat/homophobic jokes.

    I don’t remember the other two series plumbing such depths. The scene with Tim Key is funny though.

  • Me and my wife have just finished an absolute stinker called Rules of the Game with Maxine Peake.

    The acting a dialogue was laughable at times. The BBC churns out some utter dross.

  • archive81 on netflix. found footage type deal with cult adjacent lone person slowly going mad as he unravels mystery behind story.

    done a lot better than these things usually are and never fully jumps the shark but still a bit predictable and requires a bit of artistic license to make the video tapes concept fit with how they present the story behind them but overall I found it pretty enjoyable.

  • Couldn't suspend my disbelief and I had at least three 'Ah come on' moments in the first 45 minutes. Found it a bit dumb, won't bother with it

  • Saw the first series - seemed that Gervais' main surviving talent is picking enough talented comic actors to get people to overlook his now-terrible writing.

  • Yellowjackets.
    Female version of Lord of the Flies.

    Ritual sacrifice, cannibalism and Juliette Lewis.

    What's not to like.

  • Just finished all of Superstore.

    Starts good, but (As previously mentioned) slow decline, by S5 you just don't really like any character, they all become caricatures of themselves. S6 is a few episodes shorter than the previous 4 seasons and ends quite definitively.

    Need to find some new 20 minute mindless TV.
    Bobs Burgers might get a rewatch.

  • Inside job on Netflix was alright if you like animated stuff, assuming you've already Bojacked and big mouthed.

  • Station Eleven was just perfect. Has anyone read the book? If so, does the book end where the show did?

  • I've been working my way back through 30 rock every time I need background noise, parks and rec another good one for that

  • New series of Ozark on Netflix.

  • Really pleased for Ogmios. Was always one of my favourites on Don't Flop. If you've not seen them the Ogmios Show episodes he did for them are enjoyable. Shame just the 2 seemed to be made.

  • I've read the book - what streaming service is the TV show on?

  • New season of bobs burgers.

  • I’ve just started watching Bob’s Burgers this week. I’ve been missing out.

    Really enjoyed seeing Og the God get his own series, especially with added bonus Shuffle T appearance.

  • He's always been a bit terrible without merchant hasn't he? Turns out he's just a bit too much of an edgelord.

  • I'm quite annoyed about The Expanse, I absolutely loved it at times but the ending was meh and some of the characters drove me to distraction.

  • and just as good as ever

  • Only watched the 1st episode and enjoyed it immensely and it bodes well for the rest of the series.

  • same, going to watch the other EPs through the week

  • On S2 of the Righteous Gemstones, would recommend!

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Television, drug of the nation

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