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  • Recently discovered 'Superstore' and have been plowing through the episodes.
    It's nothing amazing but makes me laugh.

  • So any one watching Toast of Tinsletown?

    @DethBeard It is amusing and you can watch it while doing other things and miss a few episodes and it doesn't matter.

  • OH is currently watching Tourist, episode 5 - it's pretty terrible, using a crowbarred acid trip MacGuffin to do a shedload of exposition that seems like it's going to last the whole episode.

  • Yes I found it very weak, first episode started interesting and then it just turned into generic gangster bullshit with people getting killed left and right.

  • Gemstones are back!

  • I'm convinced that Dexter: New Blood is written by 12 year olds

  • Watching Queer Eye. Haven't seen it for a while but fuck me does Antoni have the cushiest job ever. Just randomly make some guac or chop some shit up while Bobby is designing and renovating a whole fucking apartment.

    I wonder if he gets paid the same as the rest? He surely can't. The hardest part of his job is coming up with the narrative of his chosen dish.

  • Beforeigners
    Set in Norway. Some kind phenomenon in which thousands of people suddenly appear in present time from the past, Stone age, vikings, 19th century who calls themselves Bohemians.
    There is time travel, mystery and there is cop duo (one of whom beforener) investigate murder of one of arrivals
    Im half way through first season, recommend

  • Subtitled or ingrish ;)

  • An unsatisfactory ending to The Expanse.

  • Stumbled across Search Party recently, one of those shows you've never heard of but somehow has 5 seasons already. Led by Alia Shawkat who played cousin Maeby in arrested development but who I believed to be Ilana Glazer from broad city for the first 4 seasons of watching this, whoopsie. Comedy following group of friends who start out looking for a missing "friend" from school but then it kind of freestyles each season with varying situations they find themselves in.

    gets progressively more twisted and non-serious as it progresses through the seasons and they very clearly had the characters dialled back after season 1 because you're meant to not like them but they were all extremely punchable in the face as written but their quirks become part of the story by s2 and they're less objectionable. Alia is actually incredible actress and shows a lot of her range through the various roles her character plays through the story.

    final season jumps the shark massively but remains entertaining. they were clearly just having fun with it by that point. they even brought in jeff goldblum.

    solid 7/10 if you're after something easy to binge watch for a while (50 episodes)

  • Toast of Tinseltown. It's gone a bit not funny 😔

  • I thought it was great, really leant into weirdness and sillyness and had mighty boosh/Garth meranghi energy. Harold Shitman is still funny.

  • Mayor of Kingstown is worth searching out, it’s quite dark and builds to a gripping climax the last two episodes.

  • High hopes for Ogmios’ Zen Motoring available from tomorrow.­d/episodes/guide

  • John Cena DC spin-off Peacemaker... low expectations given the recent suicide squad film but it's ok for some mindless fun even if i did doze off for a bit in the middle of the 3 episodes out so-far.

    The intro titles are possibly the worst i've ever seen though. it's like they let someone's fortnite obsessed kid pick the theme. cringe-inducing but not in an we're-all-in-on-the-joke way.

  • Yeah sort of felt that too.

  • Just watched ep 1. Very well done. Got the series from Pirate Bay

  • I am very very much excited about this - in a low-key, chilled way.

  • Just watched, can't believe the whole season built up to so little

    There are five five minute bonus vignettes hidden away in case you want more back story on key characters

  • I gave up on it when the energy turned out to be mush.

  • Zen Motoring does not disappoint!

  • It's an easy view.

    Then you're suddenly on season 5.

    And then it's a bit rubbish.

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Television, drug of the nation

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