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  • Station Eleven
    On HBO. Before, during and after a pandemic and loops between. Three episodes in. Tremendous.

    I'm enjoying this a lot, it's really intriguing

  • Maid really is excellent isn't it. Gotta be one of my highlights.

    Death to 2021, few funny bits, but standard Screen Wipe not Screen Wipe. Hugh Grant is the highlight.

    WW2 in colour. Also good and very interesting.

  • The supermarket think is superstore.

    Done the first three and they fit perfectly.

    @Mr_Sworld Will look in to that thank you.
    @sohi Do like Brian Cox and the rest of the cast look interesting. Thank you

  • Gone fishing

    Bob's Christmas presents to Paul have been on the money every time.­422442927579138

  • The Train on BBC2, Brilliant Burt Lancaster war film.

  • Rewatching Eureka (town called Eureka) as tv while I try and do stuff...keep noting some of the locations look alot like the ones used in psych cos they were both filmed in the same area.

  • Toast!

  • The new boba fett thing is a bit bollocks.

    Matrix 4 levels of laboured action choreography.

  • I watched all of the first episode, but only really because I'd already started watching Wheel Of Time and given up after 10 mins.

  • I have a physical inability to sit through wheel of time it seems.

    As soon as it's on my brain tries to get me to do/focus on something else.

    I've tried to watch it 4 times now and I still couldn't tell you a single thing about the show.

  • The new boba fett thing is a bit bollocks.

    Quite enjoying it as it's a Boba Fett thing and as a kid he was my favourite character. It might have been nice if they took a different theme to the Mandalorian as the whole "Space Western" thing has been done nicely already in that. I don't think it's GREAT but for an hour on the turbo, it's good enough.

  • I have a physical inability to sit through wheel of time it seems.

    I watched the whole series but mostly as I had a load of down time traveling in December and felt obliged to finish it. I can't say I disliked it, but I'm not counting the days until season 2.

    I think I feel about it the same way that I felt about Falcon and the Winter Soldier; it was okay to watch but I'm not in a rush to see any more.

  • Missed it. Will watch tonight

  • I wish I'd watched Stath Lets Flats sooner

    Absolute gold

  • having just been massively fucked about trying to rent for a couple of months the most recent series was a lot funnier than I found it before.

    I think it's hard to play simpletons like him with proper comedic nuance and be truly appreciated as when it's done well they just come across as acting stupid at face value and you can be forgiven for thinking they're just dumbing down to try and get a laugh from the cheap seats but once you get used to the character you can see all the little things he does to impart another layer of depth to it

  • That's amazing

  • The Tourist on iPlayer is very enjoyable so far.

    Northern Irish guy in the Outback loses his memory and has to work out what the fuck is going on.­/2022/jan/01/the-tourist-review-jamie-do­rnan-is-explosive-in-this-memento-lite-c­aper

    I didn't read the whole review, looked like it was going to get a bit spoiler-y, but just linked it in case you wanted to read the first paragraph and if you put any weight on Guardian reviews they gave it 4/5.

  • I enjoyed The Tourist, not exceptional but worth a watch. Some beautiful shots of the Outback as well.

  • Watching the Queens Gambit, and for some reason the sound track is really fucking with our TVs shit speakers. Could be moving it around after Xmas.

    Anyway, I'm looking at a cheap soundbar to improve it. Not looking for any more than no distortion and not shit.

    I want it to work with the TV without faff.

    Because it's an old TV I wanted to double check if anyone recognised these outputs and whether it would work with these included cables.


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  • I don't think so, they all look like inputs
    Are the outputs on the side?

  • That Bowfell soundbar had pretty bad reviews when I looked at it the other day. A fair few saying it was worse than the tv sound.

    One of those sockets could be a 3.5mm headphone/line socket. Try plugging headphones into them and see if any noise comes out.

  • Cheers

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Television, drug of the nation

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