Television, drug of the nation

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  • the Fitzrovia one

    That's the one. I'm right outside Great Portland Street tube / Regents Park. It's on deliveroo which makes it even better. Now to count down the minutes until lunch.

  • i'm rolling with this, amazing insight to black culture in the US. as Shannon says 'skating to me, is life' the link with hip hop, rinks, dance, socialising, prejudice.. it's been out a while now only just found it. How do you tell a child that lives for skating that these venues are closing :(­0

  • Yay for succession being back. So good.

  • We watched the first episode of the first series this evening. Not sure I can stomach it...

  • @edscoble

    Sorry to see this Channel 4 subtitles and other services not likely to return until mid-November­-arts-58965380

  • Squid Game worth bothering with? Not blown away after ep1.

  • That's where I left it. Ok but fairly unoriginal, gratuitous violence, dark humour not funny enough. Some nice sets though.

  • Just finished it, won't be watching S2 if there is one. Nothing about it stood out, completely run-of-the-mill and every 'twist' can be guessed a mile off.

  • Hands up who had Tinie Tempah as the bastard lovechild of Kevin McCloud and George Clarke.

  • I remember reading something in The Guardian about him and property, not surprised. Pretty cool show.

  • We just watched Ep1. I’m not blown away as it’s straight out of 2000AD thirty plus years back. Partner’s not blown away as she’s not a huge sci-fi fan. We’ll watch episode 2, but it’ll take a bit to get us to Ep3.

  • If Ep1 doesn't grab you then you're going to be disappointed. It's just more of the same really and they do really well to drag out a couple of particularly boring games for an hour or so.

  • straight out of 2000AD thirty plus years back

    I had a pretty big collection of 2000AD from issue 1. They got binned when I went to uni. Probably would have been worth a few quid now.

  • Echoing the above that if episode 1 doesn't grab you then it might be worth knocking it on the head now. From memory episode 2 is quite different from the 1st and much slower-paced without giving any spoilers. I think it returned to the pace of the 1st episode by episode 3 or 4.

    We enjoyed it but it is 2021's version of Battle Royale, Hunger Games, The Demon Headmaster (lack of real sci-fi/2000AD showing).

  • I Know What You Did Last Summer - TV series on Prime.
    Watched Ep1, detestable, vacuous cunts, cover up a hit and run. Barely made it to the end of the ep. will not be back for a second one

  • 'Maid' on Netflix is good so far (2 episodes in)

  • really enjoying "Only Murders in the Building" great cast, and story with many lolz

  • Kapernick limited series on Netflix is pretty good and well worth a watch.

  • What We Do In The Shadows - Series 3...

    Is this new new or just new to iplayer? I had no idea.

  • New to iPlayer but not that old otherwise.

  • I don’t watch TV, haven’t had a licence for 15years. Was in a travelodge last night and watched Good Morning Britain. They where interviewing a guardian journalist about MP integrity. Interrupted her mid sentence to cover the “breaking news” of the new John Lewis Christmas advert. Is this the normal standard for TV now?

  • Unfortunately.

  • Late to In my skin on BBC3, but brilliantly acted and by turns very funny and fairly distressing

  • Lots of you will hate it but I really enjoyed Ben Fogles Sacred Islands in iplayer

  • Foundation
    Sumptuous and gloriously immersive. Just binged the first 8 episodes (thought that's how many had been made, actually 10). I care about the characters, their missions and problems.
    Haven't read the books, so not making in judgements on that.
    Need a bigger screen.

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Television, drug of the nation

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