Television, drug of the nation

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  • Enjoyed The White Lotus. Waiting impatiently for Succession 3 now.

  • On the note of Ted Lasso- this is genuinely impressive:­6L8

  • Pre memorised deck with ghost shuffle I'd say

  • Garage People on iPlayer was fantastic.

  • anyone dipped their toe into "Foundation" yet?

    Dune and this all in one year!

    my teenage sad sci-fi booktwat self's body is ready.

  • first two episodes pretty decent so far.

  • Just purchased them.

  • The Last Mountain on iPlayer. Really hit me right up the feels

  • yes, watching and enjoying it although there are many parts where I think it is unrealistic it is still enjoyable.

    My ex-Navy mate got annoyed cos the dead submariner was wearing the wrong uniform but I have to admit I didn't spot that.

    I'm also enjoying King Gary. It's not for everyone but I have enjoyed both series now.

    Pilot episode for the win

  • Two episodes in. Does it get any better? At the moment it's preposterous and pretty bad

  • ^^^Markyboy; thanks for the recommendation. Shows the uselessness of i-player too, always recommending crap I'd never watch and missing out stuff like that that I lap up.

    Has it recommended A Killing In Tiger bay yet?

  • Is it any good? There's a lot of true crime stuff about.

  • Well, it’s less “true crime” and more a shocking reminder of the levels of racism and corruption in the police in the 80s. It has some heartbreaking moments and is hardly uplifting, but worth watching.

  • 6 episodes in to Clickbait. Not a bad way to spend an hour each night, and a few twists in the mystery keeping us involved.

  • Ted Lasso.

    Does anyone else find themselves walking around the house and saying "fakkin 'ell" out the side of their mouths?

  • I'm also enjoying King Gary. It's not for everyone but I have enjoyed both series now.

    This gives me severe ptsd of family gatherings involving the "romford" side of my Nan's family. Gary is my uncle Clive going by a different name. if there's no "all characters are fictional disclaimer" on the show he probably has grounds for legal action it's that close.

  • I already did that, now I just growl at everything.

  • Ha I have this, it reminds me of my family back home on sheppey.

  • Really enjoying Squid Game.

    The dubbing is horrendous (as usual), so I'd recommend subtitles if you need them.

  • Same, it would have been much better with the original Korean audio and subtitles. Although, not sure I would say "really" enjoying, but I definitely want to find out what happens.

  • We're watching it in Korean with subtitles on Netflix I think

  • You can choose to have the orginal and subs

  • Ooof, just watched the trailer, this looks good!

  • Even though it was supremely silly, I found the conclusion of episode 1 really upsetting.

    Koreas, y u leik dis?

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Television, drug of the nation

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