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  • Probably good for three episodes and then shit like The Haunting of Hill House but will likely watch anyway

  • I hate that duck

  • Orville is made by Seth MacFarlane (plays the captain), family guy, American dad, Ted creator, so it's not serious, but not a comedy in the same way as those, more of a nerdy, sitcom/drama love letter to star trek and the like. I enjoyed it but I'm a bit nerdy.

  • I watched a couple and wasn't much of a fan. I suspect if I'd watched more Star Trek I may have enjoyed it more.

  • Surprised to see The Watch (series based on Terry Pratchett's Watch characters) just pop up on BBC 2 with minimal advertising. I thought that something like that would have been pretty heavily promoted.

    Having watched it I can see why. It wasn't very good. If you know the books then they'd just fucked up all the characters enough to be annoying and lose the traits that had made them endearing. The plot was a mish-mash of various books but with none of the cleverness or social commentary and it was in some weird steampunk universe which looked like it had struggled with the budget.

  • Yeah, it's been out a little while but I couldn't bring myself to watch it, I'm a bit of a Pratchett fan too and I think it might be a bit too much of a departure from the original and annoy me.

  • S02 of Ted Lassoo is a bit of a dip in quality, which is a shame because S01 was really good.

    pretty sure that xmas episode gave me diabetes.

  • Shut your fucking face.

  • you're probably right.

  • You're just mad the Wonder Kid is finally seeing some of the spotlight. Which is pretty questionable of you if you ask me

  • The rom-com Roy episode was the best Ted Lasso yet. Some have been slightly less good but overall it's still excellent.

  • Part way through the last one I thought you might have a point, but still, shut your fucking face. I think it's done remarkably well as a transatlantic show with a heavy football bias to appeal to Brits in any way at all and Americans at the same time without being shit really. Mid way through this one I thought they'd trod a bit too far on the American appeasal side of the line, and as someone who is aware of Britain and to an extent London, I've forgiven the odd nod to American tourist whimsy for the sake of the rest of the show being mostly brilliant. This episode ended up alright too, possibly because I'm as pissed as a beard though, just don't talk ill of Brett Goldstein, he's my hero.

  • still watching it. and yes, i like Brett Goldstein he's a funny guy.

  • Ha, I was a bit tipsy.

  • Only 2 episodes into s01 of lasso - I can't remember an actual lol yet, but I may well be dead inside.

  • You are.

  • it's not really lolsome. there are funny things in it but it's more just an enjoyable show.

  • highlight of the latest episode was the sly nate strut they slipped in.

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  • No one watching Vigil? Crazy ending to an episode

  • Super claustrophobic.

    Just hope the ending is satisfying.

  • In any real world she is dead....

  • Home on 4OD is 👌

    Syrian refugee stays with a family in Dorking.

  • Anyone watching Squid Game on Netflix? Not looking forward to seeing that giant green light, red light statue in my dreams later.

  • Dug Days on Disney+, has me laughing.
    Only 5 minutes long, but 5 fabulous minutes.

    (Dug is the dog from Up, he now lives with Carl)

    Only 5 episodes, and now Ed Asner has sadly passed, I doubt there will be any more.

  • There's a documentary on yer C4 about the film 'Alien' which is a film about an Alien.

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Television, drug of the nation

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