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  • i put it on expecting a little bit of a nostalgia hit before i realised how crap it really was and turned it off, binged my way through all 5 episodes in one go.

    like GH says it's quite subversive of the original and progressive in other ways.

    whatserface the cersei lannister actor brings her sexy voice for evil lyn who seems to be heavily influenced by the recent harley quinn animated series and at one point she says bollocks and you realise this isn't meant to be a saturday morning cartoon version.

    wasnt until the end I saw there's an "after-show" cringefest whey they all congratulate themselves on the show they made but was surprised to see it was Kevin Smith and just how many well know voice actors they had for the roles. more interesting than the usual wank-puff-pieces they tend to be.

  • Google Chrome still on ITV4, post TdF.
    Who knew a very young Jeff Goldblum was in the original Death Wish?

  • Or Arnold in the Long Goodbye

  • Just watched s4e6 Handmaid's Tale.

    No spoilers, but for something that should have been monumental, it felt like a real filler of an episode.

  • Binging first season of Kingdom on netflix. Very entertaining, Korean period zombie series. Plenty of gore and a bit of palace intrigue. Freshly dead emperor brought back to "life" so that ruling inner circle can stay in power, what can go wrong . and Bae Doona in it

  • By far the least exciting episode. It ramps up nicely after, E06 is definitely odd-one-out for the pacing of the whole series

  • That's good to know.

    The Crew on my Kodi/Firestick isn't proving any links anymore so we're just watching it weekly on 4OD. It's a nice mix of old school TV series watching with modern timing convenience. Plus it stops binge watching keeping you up late.

  • Heist is OK on Netflix

  • a debate about what constitutes funny

    ..has this been resolved yet?

  • Yeah, the new He-Man rocks and spoiler alert, He-Man is really Prince Adam.

  • s2 fell a little flat for me but there was a massive gap in between s1 & s2 when i watched it so maybe that didn't help. I really enjoyed most of s1 though.

    there's also a spin-off movie just come out.

  • dispatches from elsewhere on amazon prime

    Weird premise and pretty oddball style but somewhat entertaining, I
    thought it would lose momentum after a few episodes but actually
    builds into quite a charming story by the end, the last episode even
    gets a bit emotional.

    feels like it has a heavy influence from Utopia (minus the violence),
    richard e. grant might well have been using this as practice for his
    version of loki as he plays the articulate sinister games master very
    well. Andre3000 is excellent in it for many reasons, jason siegel
    plays the affable idiot role he knows and loves so well to his usual
    standard. the trans themes used seem like they've had the right amount
    of care and attention given to them and at no point does it feel
    tacked on or forced but in terms of accurate representation I'm not in
    a position to really comment.

    worth a cheeky binge when you're bored

    turns out the shit amazon prime app was hiding two more episodes. took the ending in a different direction to the cliff hanger i'd assumed it to be. Gets very meta at the end and Jason Siegel being Jason siegel becomes an important part of the show.

    felt like a well rounded experience once all said and done. The show has actually grown on me in retrospect and actually really quite enjoyed it I think.

  • I spent a lazy Saturday watching films on tv. Started with Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, very funny. Watched the Bourne Legacy for the 2nd or 3rd time, better than I remembered but still only so-so. Then Death Wish. Hang on, that creepy guy looks a bit like...No, it can't be...Fuck, it is. Jeff Goldblum!

  • Bourne Legacy for the 2nd or 3rd time, better than I remembered but still only so-so

    I saw it at the cinema... so-so is definitely generous

  • Yes you right s2 was more intrigue less zomb romp, still gonna watch the film tho haha
    Also I've learned Korean physicians back then could diagnose almost anything (i.g gonorrhoea) just by taking pulse, long lost skill this days

  • Secrets of the Museum on BBC2 - Fascinating behind the scenes series on the V&A.

  • Really enjoying Loki, bonkers show...

  • Also I've learned Korean physicians back then could diagnose almost anything (i.g gonorrhoea) just by taking pulse, long lost skill this days

    Probably wouldn't work if they looked like George Clooney in ER as all they'd get is a racing pulse every time.

  • Have been finding Dave s2 to be mostly a flop but the last couple of episodes finally seem to have some legs to them.

    Can't shake the impression it's trying too hard to be Atlanta though.

  • Wellington Paranormal - I just caught a bit at the end of a Flight of the Conchords episode. It looks ridiculous so I've obviously series linked it. Anyone?

  • First season is great, second less so and third is just tired

  • First season only here. I like a bit of daftness as an escape and Wellington Paranormal is just that.

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Television, drug of the nation

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