Television, drug of the nation

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  • there's some football related stuff and hilariously some non-football goings on too.

  • How dare you.

  • Dr. Death, 3eps in and enjoying it.
    Good cast, horrific story.

    I didn't listen to the podcast so it is all new to me

  • Five episodes into mysterious Icelandic volcano thing Katla on netflix.

    Pretty good.

  • dispatches from elsewhere on amazon prime

    Weird premise and pretty oddball style but somewhat entertaining, I thought it would lose momentum after a few episodes but actually builds into quite a charming story by the end, the last episode even gets a bit emotional.

    feels like it has a heavy influence from Utopia (minus the violence), richard e. grant might well have been using this as practice for his version of loki as he plays the articulate sinister games master very well. Andre3000 is excellent in it for many reasons, jason siegel plays the affable idiot role he knows and loves so well to his usual standard. the trans themes used seem like they've had the right amount of care and attention given to them and at no point does it feel tacked on or forced but in terms of accurate representation I'm not in a position to really comment.

    worth a cheeky binge when you're bored

  • I assume this is from a sketch show:­z6g

    I chuckled. That's enough reason to give it a tracking down.

  • Famalam on the big british castle. it's brilliant, you're in for a treat.

    "Faaantastic Egusi Televizshons!"

  • I Think You Should Leave (Netflix)

  • Funny for about five minutes, quality drops off really really quickly IMO

  • was the opposite for me, initially annoying, then gloriously stupid. Loved it. Reminiscent of Big Train in a way

  • I find a lot of the skits are funnier when rewatched later on.

    first watch through the second series there were only a couple of stand out skits but going back to watch them again some of the others have really grown on me.

    It's a completely ridiculous style of comedy but I think the fact he leans so far into it makes it work.

  • Many of them seem overlong to me, thin gags stretched to breaking point

  • That's what makes them funny, just like the punfests and ancient in jokes on here.

  • Humour is subjective.
    I've never understood Alan Partridge being funny, bit plenty of people wank themselves silly over it.

  • Laughwank.

  • Have personally found humour to be anything but subjective

  • Before we derail into a debate about what constitutes funny.

    Has anyone seen the reprise of the He-Man cartoons on Netflix and are they any good? Loved the originals when I were a kid.

  • Yeah, I get Partridge and things like the Office. But it's so cringey that I certainly won't choose rewatch either.

  • i've been watching the KS MoTU remake during lunch breaks... let's be honest, the original ones were a bit crap so the only way is up, that said i'm really enjoying it. without being too spoilery it really subverts expectations pretty early on. well animated and a quality cast. Stephen Root plays a shit cat!

  • Fuck, my steak and ketchup sandwich just exzplodedzent

  • Has Fisto made a return? His special power was fisting.

  • When Limmy does it I find it funny, when Americans do it I find it excruciating. Mrs EB is American, she found it as funny as stubbing your toe. She hates all British comedy.

    I don't know anything anymore....

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Television, drug of the nation

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