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  • 'Time', BBC 3 parter. I thought good too. Terrifying portrayal of life in a British prison, but clichéd or accurate? Assume the later but I have no idea.

  • A Bit of a Stretch by Chris Atkins is well worth a read.

  • Drug use and bullying are pretty rife. I’ve had dealings with both prisoners and officers through work and spice use is an epidemic.

  • Pepper, coriander seeds? Or are we talking the hard stuff, like cardamon pods?

  • I’m hearing Za’atar is becoming popular among the more middle class lags.

  • Joking aside though - I was told recently there’s a serious issue with screws accidentally inhaling spice fumes and being rendered zombies at work. Apparently some prisoners ‘vaporise’ the spice in kettles and it gets everyone in the room and some people in the corridor off their heads.

  • Posh cunts... A mate of mine had absolutely no problem getting anything when he was inside, you'd think the place was full of drug dealers!

    He actually got caught holding the baby in a massive hash raid, he was the poor sap chopping the blocks up for retail when the place got raided... All the big boys were down a few quid but got away with it, my mate kept his mouth shut and did the three years...

  • Just watched the first couple of episodes of this, it's pretty good.

    Also noticed in the credits that it's directed by Zach Braff (JD from Scrubs).

  • It's great, although I think Braff only directed one.

  • Finding the latest series of Inside Number 9 a real chore. Think it's time they parked it, steady decline if you ask me.

  • Episode 1 was in my top 3 of all their episodes so far.

    The subsequent ones have been 'fine'

  • I think it's possibly the format, after 30 odd episodes of building up an episode story for a massive twist at the end, I guess it loses its impact a bit.

    Would love to see a new series of pschoville next.

  • Anyone else curious about the launch of Andrew Neil's GB News? How will they navigate Offcom's impartiality rules whilst following their ideas that political correctness and wokeness has gone too far.

  • Does it have to follow Offcom rules now it's gone digital only?

    Genuine question...

  • they are on Freeview Sky and Virgin from 13th June, so it looks like a proper TV channel. I'm hoping it's going to be very cringe inducing viewing

  • Yeah first episode did for me, gave up after 15 mins

  • So master of none, worth a watch?

  • Anyone seen the latest Fargo season?

  • Master of None. Yeah enjoyed it. Season 1 is best

  • Yes, very frustrating compared to previous ones.

  • @EB Is it something you can watch while doing other stuff or needs lots of concentration? Asian friend said it made him cringe like citizen khan.

    @sohi In what way? My default is that I have liked the previous three, and only recently seen the Euan McGregor one.

  • I don't think it demands super concentration, no.

    It is very cringe!

  • The latest season is poor in comparison to the earlier seasons all of which I enjoyed.

    I found the latest season had an uneven tone.

    The head characters of the opposing crime families were not convincing or menacing enough in their portrayal.

    The major downfall for me was that it did not focus enough on the interesting characters of which there are plenty , It has a number of "fargoesque" characters but did not develop or give them anywhere near enough screen time.

  • That's a really good summary, I felt the same. The Italians felt like they were in a slapstick comedy while the black families felt like they were in a serious drama.

    @lynx frustrating because it never took off like the previous seasons but it had a lot of interesting elements that didn't amount to much in the end. Hated the nurse.
    Season 2 is my favourite TV of all time.

  • So Loki is going to be a Buddy Cop sort of thing judging from E01?

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Television, drug of the nation

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