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  • Binged the rest of it. Definately the best thing I've seen this year.

  • 2 days for me from start to finish. Last 3 episodes on the turbo doing some low intensity stuff when I was supposed to be working. Really good, easy watching.

  • Yeah. Best accidental Amazon series yet.

    Rewatching S1 at the moment.

  • Nice thing about rewatching stuff. You now understand the Mauler Twins continual argument about 'who's the clone'. 😅

  • Jupiter's Legacy has some boys vibes but not quite so twisted, decent first episode though.

  • Just stumbled across Mythic Quest which is kind of a jpod/betas tech comedy kind of thing.

    fronted by Rob Mchelellelelenenneney from It's Always Sunny with a pretty strong supporting cast that I've seen in lots of other decent stuff (Danny Pudi/Ahbed from Community).

    Not going to be your fav show but another decent time filler on the trudge to oblivion.

  • Did someone mention Starstruck on iPlayer?

    Very good anyway

    This is great! 3 episodes in.

  • Just stumbled across Mythic Quest

    It's no always sunny but worth a watch.

  • Inevitable really

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  • Fairly improbable setup, but she's ace, as is her flat mate. Great fun!

  • I quite liked the ending too. nice and understated but still quite sweet.

  • Not sure enjoyed is the right word but Ian Wright's Home Truths was good TV this week

  • Invincible was great, watched it all in one go.

  • Enjoying this Jupiter's Legacy shit, all really good so far, 2 left for tomorrow.

  • Same. There is a lot more going on than expected.

  • the jumping around between story arcs is giving me flashbacks to watching lost and not in a good way. i get they're trying to tell both simultaneously but think the background arc would have made a good standalone episode.

    enjoying the show though.

  • Caught up on Mythic Quest as well. It's not a fantastic show but I'm really growing a soft spot for Rob Mcheneelelelneenlenelly's work. He's quite good at interlacing some genuinely progressive subjects within mundane/ridiculous scenarios and not afraid to use himself as the negative focal point. a couple of the side story episodes have been very well done too.

    Danny Pudi plays the heartless monetisation guy perfectly too. I imagine @greenhell has ran across many people like him in previous work-lives.

  • not sure if this fits better here or in the films thread as it's standup special but browsing the usenet release lists and saw Louis C.K had made a special in 2020 that obviously wasn't widely marketed for obvious reasons, curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to see how he had intended to get out of the extremely deep hole he had dug him himself (given he isnt back on screens now I assumed it hadn't worked but you know...).

    turns out he wasn't that bothered about redemption at all and filled a room with 1400 edgelords who all gave him a standing ovation and heroes welcome for being brave enough to walk out on stage again after sexually harassing all those women.

    He muttered a few words about having a rough time the past few years then started on his rebirth as an edgy right wing free-thinker lib owning comedian.

    about 6 minutes in i googled a review to see if he maybe was doing a bit and was going to be like only joking and then own his fuckups, turns out he wasn't. deleted the show off my media server.

  • hey man, i haven't worked for the soulless ghouls in online gambling for 6 years now - a stain on my soul that no amount of room temperature vodak and unsuccessful crywanks will remove.

    isn't that the guy from the community?

  • S06E01 of Inside Number 9 is like a fever dream wrapped in a Tim Vine standup set.

  • Utterly nuts. Loved it. So many references within references

  • Season 4 is on iPlayer now. Still good

  • New volume of Love Death and Robots on Netflix. Watched first few, so far so good.

  • if you like gory hack and smash action (some battle scenes absolute blood baths) anime stile, Castlevania is back, season 4 available on Netflix
    Characters and story line very good for animated series, although not sure how true to original source as I only played it couple of times on mega drive
    Written/produced by Warren Ellis

  • Went to the Taskmaster screenings today for series 12, watched two episodes.

    Contestants are A++++

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Television, drug of the nation

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