Television, drug of the nation

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  • You might be right. The plot in the last series was verging on the ridiculous.

  • I miss the caddy

  • The comics went pretty big on it

    and a fair few others

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  • Line of Duty
    Your Honor

    Both totally ridiculous but very watchable all the same.

  • Enjoying The Terror

    It's Alien x The Thing x The Bounty, but with all the crew recruited from the Royal Family (The Crown) and/or The Night's Watch and/or Chernobyl clean-up team.

  • I got this for a mate whose dog is called Archie.

    If anyone is thinking of watching Behind Her Eyes, don't.

  • Only watched the first two episodes but it’s really good. Great music too.

    Also enjoyed Back to Life, but then I’ll admit to having a bit of a crush on Daisy Haggard so it was an easy sell for me.

  • Escape at Dannemora - Great.

  • The Johnny Knoxville documentary on Evel Knievel is excellent, it’s on Storyville via BBC iPlayer, there’s a lot of good stuff to be found there.

  • The Line of the Duty.

    a study in bullshit jargon driven narrative that, while is presumably included to lend a sense of authenticity, makes any sane viewer think 'yeah i don't actually fucking care about any of this solipsistic, acronym laden horseshit, i reckon i'll watch something else, cheers'.

    pig wank.

    star trek tng is fucking ace. watch that instead.

  • I don't know. The constant reference to jizz handlers brought out the inner 12 year old in me.

  • I found Your Honor nosedived after episode 2.

    Almost every character was so lazily written it was absurd, I'll still finish it though. Speaking of which I'll try the new Line of Duty tonight.

  • I found Your Honor nosedived after episode 2

    Were we supposed to like the kid? Absolutely despised the idiot.

  • I never understood what they were doing with that guy, besides infuriating the audience.

  • Raised by Wolves (Ridley Scott) is really good. We've not finished it yet but 7 episodes in and loving it. It's pretty unpredictable without coming across like there's going to be some unnecessary twist which I like, strong character arcs, and interesting take on religious sci-fi. Aesthetics are quite Prometheus-esque.

  • Invincible on Amazon Prime is interesting for an animated superhero series.

    Lots of DC and Marvel references but really fun.

  • Ahh. It's from the Walking Dead bloke.

    Explains the bloodshed

  • Interesting new crime series.

    The Detectives: Fighting Organised Crime -­j

  • Just watched first episode. Grim but compelling viewing

  • I am keen for Invincible, bit of a Kirkman fanboi (comics) but was late to the Invincible party, as there was so much to catch up on, I left it alone.

    Will give the animated a crack

  • Where are people streaming their shady feeds from? Want to give that Gemstones thing a go.

  • Not a stream but if you like :

  • Thanks, I haven't used torrent sites in years and not sure I remember how. I'll give it a shot though. Guess they must have cracked down hard on illegal streaming as I remember it being much easier than this.

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Television, drug of the nation

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