Television, drug of the nation

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  • Raised by wolves just fucking goes for it, doesn’t it?!

  • We watched a bit of Netflix recently -

    Away is a good fun for all the family trip to Mars

    Unorthodox was deep and touching, the lead actor is excellent

    The Social Delimma didn’t break any new ground, it basically does what it complains its target is doing.

  • put lovecraft country on pause as I wanted to read the book first and only just finished it yesterday.

    book was an entertaining read but not what I was expecting, it's more of a horror anthology with a thin overarching storyline and i thought it would evolve into a chunkier main story but a lot of the pages are lost to the setup/conclusion of each tale and there's no effort to fill in the gaps between the stories so it's got a lot less substance than I expected.

    the show also strays from the source material often so while the key story beats are there the actual content is very different. in some instances you can see the changes make a much more compelling visual experience or improve the delivery of the underlying themes that run through the short tales but it doesnt always make for a better story.

    being able to see the differences between the two mediums now though it is bringing a lot of stuff to my attention I may have otherwise overlooked and because there's that variance I'm actually still looking forward to each upcoming episode to see what happens still though my expectations have been downgraded a little

  • i am mostly enjoying the 3 seasons of Famalam on the big british castle.

    sure it's the same jokes over and over again, still lolsome.­KyI

  • nother bigupz for pre-superlawyer gumshoe steez Perry Mason.

    Loving it, Five episodes in. Not one pure goodie, hard watching

  • enjoyed ('enjoyed') DES

  • Caning through Agents of Shield at the moment.

    It's boilerplate, private equity VP produced stuff: entire seasons are out together on the entire premise of reusing the same film sets and CGI. They plots all follow the same clunky formula, driven by tropish character interactions, resolved by yet more tropes.

    But it's very watchable.

  • So Raised By Wolves officially renewed for 2nd season and DC comics started free webcomic by the same name with backstory and subsequent tie-ins between seasons, or something­-max-dc-digital-comic/

    If anyone interested first 8 pages issue:­a5b5w/file

  • Apparently there is enough material for 5 seasons. Whatever that means.

    I’ve been enjoying it. Some interesting themes and character ideas. I like the look of it too.

    I would be more fussed about the giant snake skeletons everywhere.....

  • is it any good?

    think i might wait for them all to air so we can bingerise them / check out after 2 episodes.

  • It's entertaining but I think the early seasons were far better. In the later ones they just appeared to be making any old scenario up.

    On the budgetary side, there were rumours that one of the characters had to be cut as the CGI was too expensive.

  • have been watching OG ST:TNG episodes on terrestrial. So dumb. So good.

  • I've reached the end of season 5, and decided that I can't watch any more.

    Now that

    (click for spoiler)coulson leaves
    , the main characters' idiocy is beyond parody.

    I started to watch Children of Dune instead.

    I managed 5 minutes.

  • I didn't manage up to that spoiler but enjoyed about 4 seasons I think. Got a bit samey.

  • But with different characters.

  • Children of Dune

    yeah it's not great. managed to make a tv series even duller than the books.

  • Just started series 2 of the Boys...ok yep that’s good

  • The Social Delimma didn’t break any new ground, it basically does what it complains its target is doing.

    I enjoyed it, as much as you can do with its downbeat message. Hopefully it'll make more people realise what these companies are up to.

  • Ah,

    click for spoiler
    has he left?

  • On subject of spoilers, latest The Boys episode

    Beware of dick pics🍆🍆🍆🐍

  • Love sausage.

  • Lovecraft Country continuing to deliver, absolutely bonkers...

  • Cobra Kai is as dumb as it is enjoyable.

    bullshit karate moves are off the scale.

  • Quite enjoying Mystery Road season 2, its not the best story or acting but the outback backdrop makes up for it

  • Another series gone of Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing, sad. Such a lovely way to wind down the weekend...

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Television, drug of the nation

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