Television, drug of the nation

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  • Of course she's a Smiths fan...

  • "i'd have to say... the best of The Smiths".

  • Enjoyed Picard...thought it started well and looking forward to some of the nostalgia the trailers have teased

  • I'm an obstinate bastard when I have put a few hours into a series, and season 1 was so good

  • @campervangogh It gets "better" but only in the sense that it gets more horrific.

    (reply not meant for greenhell obviously)

  • Sink or Skim on iPlayer.

    Lovely little 30min documentary about competitive stone skimming.

    Hard to imagine a better spent 29 minutes of moving picture escapology.

  • Ha, ha. I'm old enough to remember only two Captains.

    And Pike was only there for the pilot episode.

  • Fantastic. Cheers!

  • Sink or Skim

    This sounds lovely, also just saw the trailer.

    Can't figure out how to get the whole thing though,
    I can sign up for iPlayer from abroad but since I don't have a UK TV license they don't let me actually watch anything
    : /

  • VPN or DNS Unblocker (I use Trickbyte).

  • cheers, will have a look

  • Anyone watching Messiah?

    I've flipflopped as it's gone on.

    Also a bit random, but has anyone watched This Life relatively recently? How has it aged?

  • Me and Simon have just bashed through 7 episodes of Messiah. Still unsure what to think.

  • Watched it over a few nights. I like that it’s not obvious what’s going on but it isn’t a great programme

  • We watched more of it, and faster, than we realised.

    Tbh my main beef is with all the fucking freedom he's given to walk about the place. How would there not be MJ or Beatles levels of mobbing fans 24/7?

    But yeah even at the end of it I'm still undecided.

  • Yes.

    Actual metal detecting can be fun too.

  • Watched Wizard of Lies of lies the other day. Enjoyed it, if that's the right word.
    Didn't really know much about the Bernie Madoff ponzi thing but it's a pretty crazy tale.

    Now onto S5 of Silicon Valley for the easier turbo sessions.

  • requires some of this in your bidon while watching/turboing­as-tequila-anejo

  • Haha that's mad. Now I'm going to have to get some. Tequila is fine for lunch, right?

  • Curb your enthusiasm back for season 10.

  • First episode was a bit better than the dire Season 9 with Larry David being a little less of the bigoted bore he had become. But it looks like there will be a running #metoo theme. I can't see it going well.

  • Did anyone else just watch Stories of Belsen? Fucking hell, tough but essential watch

  • First episode of Picard is damn good.

    Can see the resemblance between his dog and Riker.

  • @EB - just started watching the Belsen doc. About half way through; it's one worth sharing I think.

    Picard is pretty good, I agree. Took me a couple of attempts to watch it but I guess the fact I was looking for ep2 means I liked it

  • Who shot Ghost?

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Television, drug of the nation

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