Television, drug of the nation

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  • Detectorists was amazing, miss it already and I only finished it 20 minutes ago.

  • all the actors have just been released from their contracts, so not looking good
    mindhunter season 3-netflix

  • noooooo

  • yeah, I feel your pain

  • Schitt's Creek is on again by the way!

  • Anyone watching The Outsider (HBO)? Pilot was promising.

  • @Tijs

    Yep looking forward, anothr s. king adaptation

    Also sexy education back for binge if anyone cares how to

  • I liked the second episode as well. Lot of questions, which is intriguing.

  • Also sex education back

    We’d just belatedly binged the first series so cracked straight on with the second last night. So much cringeworthy moments :-)

    Also renewing the crush I had on Gillian Anderson when I was 13.

  • been watching schitts creek over the last few months, finished series 4 yesterday

    the last few episodes of that had me laughing the hardest i've laughed in a long time, literally tears of laughter, rarely done that before

    the name of jocelyns baby was the cumulative peak and just set me off for about 5 mins

  • Treadstone (Amazon) is going well, obviously based on the Jason Bourne films / Robert Ludlum books.

  • I watched the whole thing last week. Probably better than the Jeremy Renner Bourne spinoff in honesty. Maybe a bit too obvious but the source material wasn't exactly complex either.

  • Yeah. Now exactly highbrow but kind of fun.

    Mental candyfloss.

  • Picard S1E1 is now showing on Amazon Prime.

    Make it so...

  • Spotted that last night. Have you engaged warp drive yet?

  • I made it so, the dog's name is great.

  • Spoilers, now you you’ve told me the dogs name it’s ruined the entire show.

  • Picard S1E1 is now showing on Amazon Prime

    Worth watching some eps of ST-TNG to get into it
    Like Q Who, Offspring, Best of Both Worlds, Tapestry and All good Things

    On another genre. Mrs. Maisel S3 is beautiful warming stuff

  • I quite liked the first episode of Avenue 5. Nothing revolutionary but an enjoyable watch.

  • Reviews I've seen have been very divisive. Between that and the shit trailer, the first episode was definitely better than expected.

  • Tempted to sack off Treadstone and start on Picard tonight. I’m really struggling to pay attention to it - just constant hand to hand fights, arid dialogue and shit acting.

  • The Terror season 2 started out promising, but dwindled away in later episodes to be muddled and unrewarding.

  • We couldn't make it through episode 1...

  • not enjoying "Don't fuck with the cats".

    sure the cat murdering arsehole is a horrific cunt but "Baudi Moovin"?


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Television, drug of the nation

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