Television, drug of the nation

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  • Much appreciated; yes, think Argos and LG have a relationship where they always do an exclusive (in this case the seldom seen 60") model for Black Friday and Christmas. I'll give you a shout if (as is looking likely) I get one of these in the coming week.


  • Can’t find anything we want to watch so we’re currently enduring Umbrella Academy. It’s pretty fucking rubbish, right?

  • It just gets worse.

  • Dracula on the BBC kept us entertained, some originality and decent twists in the writing but a lame ending.

  • OK. Amazon have DC's Doom Patrol on.

    Now I was a massive fan of the Grant Morrison comics. They were really bizarre and out there.

    I really hope they don't fuck it up.

  • All 3 series of Detectorists on iplayer again. A must if you haven't already marvelled at this perfect TV.

  • Castle Rock season 2 is good, lots of King easter eggs and intertwining storylines

  • OK. Doom Patrol is looking good.

    It's not just the Grant Morrison version but a amalgamated version of all of them. Not surprising as they first appeared in 1963.

    It even has a Teen Titan character.

  • Ah bugger; won't bother watching the last half hour we'd saved for tonight then!!

    @marcomarcos @Soul @HousecatHST and @aggi

    Cheers for all your advice/patience - probably worth sticking with what I know and is proven in terms of popularity and rep so went for the 55 inch (apparently that's optimum when 8-9ft away) LG UM7400PLB so look forward to getting it on the wall and set up.


  • Don’t just take my word for it, it’s all subjective.

    Enjoy the new TV!

  • Guess I don't have Sky Atlantic

    Download time.

  • Smashed a few episodes of Living with Yourself on Netflix last night. Easy enough viewing, yet leaves me feeling quite uncomfortable.

  • The end of Dracula wasn't bad. It felt like they'd had some great ideas but ran out with about 15 mins to go and just rushed it out.

    Started watching Don't fuck with cats last night. Sort of interesting.

  • The Jonestown Massacre documentary on iPlayer is quite something. I didn’t really know much of the story. The audio recordings of the deaths themselves are grim beyond belief.

  • A few people have mentioned The Dectorists on this thread. I watched the first episode ages ago and wasn't impressed.

    Revisited it recently and I have realised the error of my ways. Only 3 episodes in but it's great.

  • Blimey, was just coming here to say I watched the first episode of The Detectorists ages ago and didn't get on with it but have now tried again - I have watched all 3 series in ten days. It's not perfect but it is funny and charming and lovely.

  • There was a thing about how all TV for the past few years had to include murder....apart from our heroes Lance and Andy

  • Watched the first one last night, will be carrying on..

  • Couple of things, finally got round to watching treme, really enjoying it, 1 season in. Ive had it all on dvd for 3/4 years but not watched it as the effort of using a DVD player is just too much these days. I don’t have a lap top with a dvd drive any more and the one tv in the house is normally showing pepper pig these days. But it’s finally turned up on sky box sets.

    Is anybody watching anything on Apple TV or whatever there calling it ? The morning show was enjoyable but cynically of its time #metoo etc. See, total nonsense but looked amazing, kind of reminded me of the revenant, the way it looked at least.

    I have know idea how this Apple TV is supposed to work, it’s totally baffling, like all things apple theses days. I have it free for 12 months due to my new iPhone I guess. it also works on the 5/6 year old Apple TV box, it doesn’t work on any of my iPads of various vintages, the youngest being 3 or 4 years old.

    There only appear to be about 3 or 4 things to watch on it right now. You can scrolls through loads of interesting looking stuff but when you click on it it asks you to rent or buy it through iTunes, even worse they suggests you watch stuff you’ve already bought on iTunes like there doing you a favour.

  • Really enjoyed Treme as well..

  • Plus one for Treme, in my top 5 all time favourite series

  • You need the latest versions of iOS (and macOS) for Apple TV+ to work. Typical apple in honesty; trying to force you to upgrade to newer devices in order to buy something else from them.

  • Loved the previous Fargo series, This looks great

  • Yeah well up for this.

    Just watched No direction home on some amazon extra 7 day trial thing. Scorsese take on Dylan between 1958 and the 1966 booing period was amazin. "arts/ poetic and and ace historic document. This with Netflix rolling thunder review revison (Of ronalso and clara) also by scorcese was an amazing insight through Dylans musoc and eyebrows .

    The music scorceses editing is a beatifically structured documentary which gives room to form opinion about what Dylan means

    Though the interview with Scorsese does repeat in too many words the visual epic of his film
    Worth the freee 7 day trial

  • I have almost finished the second season of Mindhunter, I don't want it to end.

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Television, drug of the nation

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