Television, drug of the nation

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  • Generation Kill has popped up on Amazon for cheap...worth a go if you missed it first time round. It ages pretty well.

  • Anyone else watch the show ‘Easy’ on Netflix?

    Thanks for the tip. Watched the first two episodes and am completely hooked.

  • Holy shit, didn't expect where the last episode of Watchmen was going.

  • You can’t just leave us hanging, give us all the plot twists and details.

  • Watchmen was top, mandalorian is fun too, baby yoda ftw.

  • Watchmen was great. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

    The Mandalorian seems to be turning into The Fugitive (and The Hulk, Highway to Heaven, Littlest Hobo etc...)., which is a shame.

  • Yeah I watched episodes 3 and 4 yesterday and wasn’t as impressed as with the first 2. Felt a bit wooley. And feels too soon to be resorting to ‘helping out agricultural townsfolk fighting baddies and falling in love with hot widow, but not settling down because outsider with issues’ storyline.

    I nearly didn’t post that because spoiler but I’m pretty sure anyone who’s watched television before will identify the trope within the first 5 minutes, so...

  • Nah, it's nice, baby yoda, pewpewpew, a few throw backs to film stuff, bit more pewpew, silly baby yoda, love it.

  • Also loth cat made an appearance

  • Is there a tech/TV geek thread where a Yoda of resolution and backs as opposed to grey/blacks can tell me which is best (or any to avoid) from the list below?

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  • Mandalorian still good, Watchmen great. Had a lot of downtime after a cancelled flight so finally started watching Chernobyl (excellent so far) and out of some sort of perverse interest watched an episode of Batwoman (probably even worse than I imagined, like a low-budget fan-made version of Gotham).

  • I’d avoid any with Android TV as the OS (phillips and potentially JVC). I’d also avoid Samsung as their TVs have ads on them. Fuck that.

    LG has the best interface, update support and decent picture quality. That would be my choice.

    Assume OLED LGs are out of budget?

  • AKA A Quinn Martin Production for those old enough to remember.

  • The B9 55" OLED from LG is only £1,099 at John Lewis at the moment. That's a fucking bargain if you can stretch to it...

  • Hi - we were looking at less than half that and all those I've listed are 260-350 with 20% eBay code.

  • Nevermind then. The LG you listed is your best bet still...

  • Yeah, well North of budget. I'm not up to scratch on what constitutes a great picture (one of those that you don't know until you see it) I can't work out by spec what means a better picture - 1000 PLC 1400 PLU, 1500 PLU - then again, realistically we want a set up and leave (or something that auto adjusts for best pic). Any tipson what numbers to look for? Thanks

  • I nearly didn’t post

    Oh no, please by all means keep us in the loop!

  • Sickburn.gif

  • I believe there are non-official guides on how to set up whatever model of TV - the auto settings are usually pretty bad. I’m not sure what the situation is like now but a while back most panels were made in the same factory so the main difference was software and initial setup.

  • @Soul Narrowed down to
    LG 49UM7000PLA 49 4K Ultra HD Smart HDR LED TV at £295
    Philips 50PUS650450" 4K UHD LED Smart TV at £279 the
    58" is £374
    SAMSUNG UE55RU7100KXXU 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV £395
    Digihome 55292UHDFVP 55 Ultra HD Smart LED TV with Freeview Play in Black £304

    Obviously prices put a different angle on it in terms of vfm. Still the LG? Cheers

  • Many thanks. Worth investing half an hour or so I'm sure. Many thanks

  • Definitely not Phillips. Their UI / software is garbage.

    LG or Samsung for me. PQ on both are good; I’ve got a 55” OLED LG and a 65” QLED Samsung and there’s really not much in it...

    I would personally go with LG because of the software.

    One more option... 55” version of the 49 LG. Only £4 more than the 55” Samsung:­e-entertainment/televisions/televisions/­lg-55um7000plc-55-smart-4k-ultra-hd-hdr-­led-tv-10199314-pdt.html

  • Also consider what is being plugged into it.

    Personally I ignore apps, interface, UI, sound, etc because the TV is connected to an amp, TiVo, firestick, htpc and the rest. All that counts is picture quality.

    If you're planning on the TV being your main interface for choosing channels, recording, iPlayer, Netflix, etc and you'll be using the in-tv speakers then there are other considerations.

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Television, drug of the nation

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