Television, drug of the nation

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  • S3 of Man In A High Castle is now available on Amazon.

  • Absolutely, was it Goodfellas that also used Time is on My Side?

  • S3 of Man In A High Castle is now available on Amazon.

    Gave up on it half-way through S2. Is it worth trying again?

  • Probably not if you weren’t into series 2. I’m enjoying it but then I’ve enjoyed it so far.

  • Is Homeland any good ?

  • I think I am the only person left who has watched all seasons but I think yes depending what you are in to. The last couple of season's have been great even if they did very obviously get it wrong when they chose a couple of season's ago to make a female president as they were so certain Hillary would win. Even if you don't stick with it, Season 1 is worth watching and is fairly stand alone.

  • What Alex said. If you weren't fussed about S2 then S3 is looking like it's a lot more of a 'multiverse' storyline.

  • Do you mean S4?

  • Thanks - may persevere then.

  • Ha, ha! Opps...

    Yes, Series 4.

  • I can’t get out of my head that Rufus Sewell is the lovechild of Ian McShane and John Hamm.

  • Unbelievable. Did anyone see the Prince Andrew interview?

    He wouldn't be any good at poker

  • He looked like he’d been coached by Ian Huntley.

    He’s just not bright enough to think he was able to pull that off. And he’s a horrible condescending cunt.

  • he's absolutely fucked it

  • By it, do you mean an underage girl?

  • It was like someone making up a story on the spot, and confirming it to themselves there and then, that is what happened.
    Like a child making up a story as they go along.

    They've released a new 50p coin to commemorate this interview

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  • I thought it not a great idea for him to say it was unusual for him to visit a branch of Pedo Express.

  • I didn’t watch, not sure I can bear it. Did the interviewer push back or was this just the BBC playing the role of Royal apologist?

  • I'm not usually a fan of Emily Maitlis but she handed him the rope and he duly put it round his neck.

  • Ok you’ve sold it, I’m watching now...

  • Wow. Fuck me. It really is a car crash.

    She says you bought her a drink - smug I don’t drink. I don’t even know where the bar is in that club.

    She says you were profusely sweating - very smug Well actually. I DON’T SWEAT.

    Quite amazing really. Like the entitlement runs so through him, that he didn’t even prepare or read the ‘allegations’ against him.

    Hopefully he takes a drive through Paris soon.

  • The Crown series 7 is going to be interesting

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Television, drug of the nation

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