Television, drug of the nation

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  • Oh. Back to being the weirdo then.

  • Enjoyed the latest episode of Watchmen a lot more than the first 2

    Me too though have enjoyed them all. So many Easter Eggs from the awesome comic.
    9 eps is good and they're packing it in.

    Clever stuff indeed. Showrunner Lindelof is genius.

  • The Bob Murray finale on the most recent last week tonight is fucking genius.

  • Did you watch Leftovers? I loved that one.

  • @snottyotter
    Haha yeah. And good start Rick and Morty with American Monster

  • Rick and morty is cued up for after watchmen, which is after Bob's Burgers.

  • Funny, funny, serious, funny sandwich.

  • Planning to...
    After Better Call Saul, our belated current binge

  • Yay Rick & Morty!

  • late to the Fleabag party but loved it, bingeworthy and one of the best shows I've seen in ages

  • My Monday views after work Rick and morty and Bob's burgers. Not checked watchmen yet 👍

  • Did you watch Leftovers? I loved that one.

    I actually looked that up after @skydancer mentioning Lindelof / as I'm enjoying Watchmen quite a lot.
    Have pretty much binged the first season of The Leftovers since, and think it's fantastic, really don't understand why I haven't heard of it until now. It didn't seem to be very popular when it originally aired; the only explanation I can think of that it indeed is fucking grim in a way.. still so good, on many levels.

  • Yeah it kind of slipped under the radar a little. I really enjoyed it too.

  • The Mandalorian is out today, fingers cross not shit

  • what is it on in the UK, netflix?

  • disney plus whatever that is and usual dodgy purchase websites
    I download from

  • It's not.... "download" only.

  • Mandalorian was good, enjoyed it, hoped it would be longer tho'...

    Rick and Morty... Same ol', same ol', innit?

    Watchmen e04 was great, ramping up!

  • Watchmen e04 was great, ramping up!

    I liked it, but I fear that it will be lots of convoluted threads being opened up, for the sole purpose of showing how cleverly they are tied up at the end.

    Sometime a story can be good by just being a story.

  • It's hanging together quite nicely for me, I bought the comics when they came out, consider myself a superfan and have no problem with it... I loved the movie too, even tho' it was just a meat and potatoes adaptation of the original...

    Look forward to seeing how it unravels...

  • Watchman has been great, Adrian Viedt is played exceptionally well, the stuff of nightmares. Nicely chosen soundtrack, any show playing Irma Thomas gets a thumbs up from me.

    Top Boy was good too, the final episode also finished with a belter of a song.

  • Trent Reznor has never done a soundtrack that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy.

  • Just seen the advert for Rick and Morty on E4, starts wednesday

  • Already available to purchase.

  • Yeah but I'm cheap

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Television, drug of the nation

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