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  • I'm a fan now, it doesn't take itself seriously and is kinda fun.

  • Enjoyed the latest episode of Watchmen a lot more than the first 2. Jean Smarts character is a nice
    change from the hickville vibe of the beginning.
    Was also wondering why they didn't have the shot of the car crashing down in the previous episode, now it makes sense : -)

  • The BBC His Dark Materials was pretty satisfying, though I'm sure my estimation of it was elevated by how shite the film was.

  • As a yoot that used to get to secondary school via this station as i started, too its new entrance this is a proper of the time/last of the old watch kid of programme. Miserable old buggers­074tkn/40-minutes-heart-of-the-angel

  • Got told to read the books to broaden my mind when I was 10. Wasn't blown away by episode 1 but it was solid enough, something about it felt a little cheap despite the budget.

  • Thought Living With Yourself [Netflix] good. S1 is 8 episodes, just over 20 mins per, easy to digest yet interesting and fairly fast paced. Bea/Rudd x2 on good form.

  • Thought Living With Yourself [Netflix] good. S1 is 8 episodes, just over 20 mins per, easy to digest yet interesting and fairly fast paced. Bea/Rudd x2 on good form.

    Yeah I mostly enjoyed that. Based on the first 5mins I thought it was going to be much deeper, psychologically though :/

  • Phone Shop back on All 4. Yasss

  • Is anyone still watching The Walking Dead?
    Just realized they're still going - season 10 now, wtf.. remember quite enjoying the first one or two, but figure can hardly be exciting still, can it?

  • In other news I think Watchmen is pretty fucking cool.

  • I've trailed off walking dead, keep considering going back but still have the last 2 episodes of S09 and a series or so of fear the walking dead I've yet to bother with.

  • Also when is Killing Eve continuing?

    And Rick & Morty?

    And Better Call Saul?

  • All,

    Do you any of you out there use IPTV?

    My SKY subscription is becoming quite expensive and someone at work has mentioned this to me.

    I've looked into it a little but need advice on its reliability, what the best way is to get the app and also need to know if you can record programmes using it.


  • Just torrent everything, can stream it to a chromecast or whatever afterwards.

  • torrent

    Remember my dad doing this, is that still a thing?

  • Can do usenet instead.

  • Rick and Morty should be on channel 4 in the new year

  • Gave up on Walking Dead S8. Better call Saul sooo drawn out and tedious, gave up despite feelings towards characters

    If it's a drag, quit. My new maxim.

  • Walking Dead turned into "Soaps for Nerds" after a few series. It is impossible to maintain a decent tense story for 130 episodes without deteriorating into relationship drama and forced, artificial dilemma

  • Yea, I agree. Probably why even the great ones usually wrap it up after a couple of series.

  • @EB ..think I gave up after S04 already and looking back I should have stopped even sooner and gotten some good sleep instead, ha. Won't forget how thrilled I was at the beginning of the show though, that was really quite something.. maybe they should've just give it a real dark ending after, say, S03 and call it a day.
    Wanted to see some numbers on viewers throughout the series and did not find them, yet just saw on wikipedia that the last reason (S09) got the best ratings ever so apparently they must have done something right..­g_Dead_(TV_series)#Reception

    Do not agree regarding Better Call Saul though - I feel it's deliberately slow paced and introvert in a way, and gotta say I really like it.

  • Never seen Walking Dead but for slightly different zombie stuff, Zomboat! is quirky and fun.

  • Thank God I'm not the only one still using usenet.

  • I quite like this too.

  • I don't actually use it.

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Television, drug of the nation

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