Television, drug of the nation

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  • I’m three episodes in and I still don’t know wtf is going on!

  • One of my all time fave comics, the Alan Moore run of issues is spectacular... I will start watching tonight! I did try to stream the first episode off some dodgy site a while back but it kept dropping out, annoying...

  • Not on Australian Amazon... 😭

  • Watchmen was amazing, gripped... Watching Swamp Thing now... I can feel Alan Moore glaring at me from Northampton...

  • Few years old and not TV but here's a little chat with him that was a good listen.

  • Finished S1 last night. It's much more horror than Superhero.

    On the whole I'll give it a 8/10.

    I'm intrigued about Watchmen. The novel was amazing and the film was shit. However the series is getting good reviews. Alan is probably setting his massive beard on fire over it though.

  • Watchmen series not based on main comic if I understood correctly, some kind of spinoff or side story

  • It's the future after the original .

    However some of the Comic characters return. Doctor Manhatten returns from Mars/Creating new life apparently.

  • Talking about comics on screen, today film trailer popped in my feed, Valiant's Bloodshot (which is nice) and Vin Diesel in it playing main character (not flipping nice at all. Bollocks.)

  • As I don't have a HBO contract I'll wait for the VPN contract...

  • I see, hmm interesting

  • Still waiting for the Dredd Series. Karl Urban was amazing in the 2012 film.

    We don't talk about the Stallone one.

  • Watchman TV series - totally different to the comic/ film
    Not Doomsday Clock either (afaict so far)

  • BTW is 'The Purge' worth it?

  • Watchmen was ace, Jeremy Irons as ***** = inspired casting

  • Does one need to have watched the Watchmen movie or read the comics to follow the TV show?

  • There are lots of call backs that wont make sense in isolation

  • But it'll still be good, you'll kinda be missing out on an alternative history lesson but nothing that can't be explained by "different history" if you don't want to do the others first.

  • I'm enjoying finding little subtle references to the comic.

  • Ignore the movie, read the source material.

  • The level of promotion C4 gave "The Accident" vs the absolute car crash of it was a bit of a giveaway

  • Likewise Giri/Haji. Avoid.

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Television, drug of the nation

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