Television, drug of the nation

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  • Try Sally4Eva similar vein to nighty night also disturbing

    Thanks, actually 'disturbing' is not what I'm looking for though!
    : ]

  • Fire and horses aside, I enjoyed the general theme of the current series, I’m surprised the Tories and Brexiteers haven’t been complaining about yet more BBC bias

  • Handmaid's 3.
    Have I missed the chance on all 4?
    Is it only available to rent/by thru Amazon/Hulu?
    Will it be coming to now TV?

  • Looks like it. I'm sure you can stream it from some Russians with a bit of googling. I thought series 3 was great.

  • Anyone else watching ‘Better Than Us’? Not so distant Russian future with robots etc.

    First time I’ve watched a Russian TV show - bar the 2016 US election.

  • Top Boy on Netflix. Full disclosure - I think Ronan Bennett is a great writer already. But giving him a 10-episode arc instead of 4 each in the first two series has given him a bit more scope for textural stories that are pretty fiercely social realist. Maybe some of it is a little on the nose, but it's well written and well-acted and well shot so you forgive any occasional heavy handedness. Only a few episodes in, but really enjoying.

  • Top Boy is the best thing I've watched all year by quite some way, Properly sad and on the button a lot of the time, but the way the stories all intertwine, and some of the acting performances from people that have never really acted before this Kano, Micheal Ward, Little Simz etc are fucking unbelievable.

    Also if you grew up in London there is so much nostalgia to be drawn from many aspects.

  • El Camino - it’s pretty much the last two “lost” episodes of the final season in one sitting, and very enjoyable it is too.

  • Yeah, loved it...

  • The Politician anyone? It should have worked well, a good script and interesting characters with mostly unknown (to me) actors, apart from the Goopa. I found it hard to enjoy though, with almost all characters being unpleasant, which was of course the point. Perhaps second series will be a better setting.

  • Stumbled upon Undone.
    Watched 1st episode. Rotoscoping technique, like Scanner Darkly.

    Moving first episode touching on mental health. May have some Sci fi/time travel elements. Not sure yet.

    Will watch more and update

  • I have that a go and liked aspects of it. Just couldn’t get on with the rotoscoped animation though. Same with Scanner Darkly, I seem to remember.

  • Its got Bob Odenkirk who does bring some Saul Goodman to his role in this.
    Episode 2 now.
    The mystery deepens and involves Shamanistic timey whimey whimsy.
    I'm hooked

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  • Godfather of Harlem - great cast, looks good, not so inspired storytelling so far. However, Wu-Tang, An American Saga has been great the first two episodes I watched, there’s a strong tension throughout, hope they can sustain it through the series.

  • The Troubles 6 part doc on iPlayer. Fascinating, terrifying and great education . 10/10

  • really enjoyed Mindhunter season 2

  • Detectorists back on iPlayer. Well worth watching again. If you've not seen it yet, you're in for a treat. My fave show for many years.

  • yeah not much to touch Detectorists

  • +1

    I like the pace and tone of it. and some of the interviews are brilliant.

  • Capture (BBC I think, I'm watching it on sky catch up)

    Guy gets acquitted of killing someone whilst on active duty as camera footage was not necessarily accurate.
    Gets arrested the same day for being on CCTV beating and kidnapping someone.

    Might be PTSD or a conspiracy from ne'er-do-wells.
    I'm only 2 eps in, I love a conspiracy, and my wife loves a police drama.

  • Wu-Tang, An American Saga has been great the first two episodes I watched, there’s a strong tension throughout, hope they can sustain it through the series.

    I'm up to episode 9. it slows a little in the middle but it's my fav. thing on tv for ages.

  • Midway through watching this for the first time after seeing it chart so highly in the Guardian's 'best of the 21st century (up to 2019)' listicle. Absolutely love it and echo the high praise above; the story arcs, characters, humour, pace, scenery etc. are all exquisite and it is one of the best things I’ve watched in ages.

    BBC4 have been putting 3 episodes out each week and I think season 3 will start up from this Saturday after a week off. I’ll be sad to see it end!

  • Amazon has S1 of Swamp Thing new on today.

    Will let you know in 60 minutes what E1 is like.

  • Not too bad. However I am a fan of the comics.

  • Good to hear.
    I like the Alan Moore Swamp Thing, so am keen to watch this

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Television, drug of the nation

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