Television, drug of the nation

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  • The comics describe him as a cockney who sounds a bit like Michael Caine so that's what he's gone for.

    Definitely didn't nail it but it was fine.

  • I figured he was South African, they sound like New Zealanders doing a bad cockney thing, right?

  • Finally got round to watching Detectorists. First two seasons were genuinely wonderful, third season doesn't seem to have gotten going so far.

  • My favourite show in many years. Perfect TV.

  • Archer, season 10

    Worth a quick binge, with a few laughs each episode, but really it was done a few seasons ago.

  • This has been the best one in a while.

  • Impractical Jokers - is it all fixed up nonsense?
    I've not really seen it before, but it's on now and they are "working" in a car parts shop and a customer was trying to buy a "radiator for a '71 VW Beetle"
    Now, I don't know much about cars but I know a beetle is an air cooled car, and someone who owned one would know this.

    I now assume everyone involved is already in on the joke and the only fools are us watching it.

  • Enter the anime on netflix. Sold as a documentary insight into the hidden underbelly of japanese subculture, actually an extended promotional circle jerk for the netflix originals anime shows they released in the past year and vanity project for the producers and directors behind them.

    made it almost 20 minutes through just in case it was setup for something interesting, but very nearly turned off when the first guy who had already said dumb shit like "the last thing i googled was time travel because I'm a time traveller" stepped his game up with...

  • I mean, it literally says POWER GLOVE on that power glove.

  • So it’s real then?

  • Pennyworth
    Worth a look.
    Strange ultra-British out of time son of Gotham
    Touch of Michael Cain and Dirk Bogart

  • gendy tarkovkowhatevs latest...

    my body is ready.­FDA

  • Archer, season 10

    Worth a quick binge, with a few laughs each episode, but really it was done a few seasons ago.

    Yeah, agree, halfway through now - not exactly a good sign when the first episode features Barry, their worst ever character. But not as bad as Danger Island.

  • Compelling Documentary series from BBC Scotland - Murder Case­0005sv5/murder-case

  • Saw the first one the other day, really need to catch up on the others

  • Brassic has been great, had a bit of a crush on Joe Gilgun since this is England, his chat on the distraction pieces podcast the other week was worth listening to too.

  • Peaky Blinders.... only on the 1st episode, but it feels like it's being edited by some dickheads from early '00s MTV.

    🤞🏻it improves, as I've enjoyed the others.

  • Anyone know of any grand series along the lines of Civilisation, or The Ascent of Man? Thoroughly enjoyed both, and could do with getting into another. Going to watch Family Guy for now.

  • Unbelievable from the Netfilx.

    equal parts police procedural / shitiness of the federal justice system / true crime dramatisation.

    tough watch and slow af but probably worth your trouble by the time it all wraps up.

  • Couple of episodes into Marianne on netflix. So far it's a surprisingly well done possession/nightmare creature type horror. the old woman is creepy as fuck.

    french audio/subtitles make it so you have to pay full attention to what's going on all the time rather than have it on in the background or let your mind wander too much which works in its favour.

  • That looks great!

  • Why not just listen to the audio?

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Television, drug of the nation

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