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  • I did this not so long ago - my wife was working with Kryten for a bit and he had loads of fun anecdotes about shooting the early episodes. Made me all nostalgic so I watched them from series 1 to 4 (I think).

  • my wife was working with Kryten for a bit

    Ross or Llewellyn?

  • Llewellyn. Was a bit starstruck to have him sat at my dining room table to be honest, having grown up loving Red Dwarf.


    absolutely compelling two part doco about the murder of a 12 year old boy in upstate NY.

  • Ibiza The Silent Movie was a good watch last night, as was Everybody In The Place - a teacher giving a class of school kids a lecture on the history of Rave. Both are on BBC4 catch up.

  • Yeah saw 3/4 of the Ibiza film. Yet to watch Everybody

  • The boys.

  • watches that everybody in the place thing it's really good watch and put together really well.

  • Enjoying The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel. Ignored it for so long, really glad I took the plunge

  • The boys.

    This, watched ep 1 & 2 last night and the rest today.
    Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Can anyone say how it compares to the comics?

  • The Mind of Herbert Clunkerdunk.
    Loved this. Only 10mins, but some really funny bits.

  • This looks good.
    How did you watch it, Was it Sky, Now TV etc? As I can't find it available

  • I won’t be able to directly answer that question without possibly incriminating myself.


  • Watched Everybody in the Place today after recommendations on this thread. Very enjoyable. I liked the format although I wonder if more of a traditionally approached doc might have gone a little deeper.

    Some great archive footage. Especially the kraftwerk - numbers section. I loved confused Pete Waterman. Looked like someone had spiked his babycham.

  • The Mind of Herbert Clunkerdunk - great. Like Toast of London meets Spaced meets Mighty Boosh meets Young Ones

    Everybody in the Place - a bit indifferent. Quite a stretch to suggest Kraftwerk handing out controllers to the crowd on their US tour was them 'handing out the means of production'. Alright, calm down Jeremy! Seen most of the party footage before to be honest.

    Miners strike footage to KLF What time is Love was good though, still unsettling to watch people having their heads cracked like that

    Also no mention of Tony Colston-Hayter re:Sunrise? Erm????!

  • Watch it again if you can be bothered, there are a few clips of Sunrise and Tony’s sister was on there.

    I know we’ve all seen the footage before but it was a well put together thesis and seeing the kids reaction to everything made the programme for me.

  • Can anyone say how it compares to the comics?

    Better. More elaborate world building

  • This
    It was a bit like Johnathon Meades.
    I liked it a lot.

    Better to use that clip of the new Detroit show than the number of names charivari business.

  • Also. Had the fantasia clip. Who doesn't love that?

    Also. The bit about old people then Vs old people now.

  • Watched Ep1 of The Boys last night. It was fine, am I missing something?

  • It's really bingeable and is a lighter dark counterpoint to season two of the handmaid's tale in our house.

  • Preacher is back for when you've binged it too.

  • Watched Ep1 of The Boys last night. It was fine, am I missing something?

    I was definitely missing some non-atrocious acting.

  • The Boys was great but having seen someone on here mention it apparently out-preachered preacher according to the makers it set my expectations a hair too high so was a little underwhelmed in the end. but preacher is a high standard to beat tbh, it's been amazing the last few seasons.

  • Sonarr just picked up both seasons of The Booth at the End which I deleted years ago to clear drive space then regretted as I couldn't find working copies anymore after.

    not the best show but a unique premise made it entertaining and definitely due a re-watch by now.

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Television, drug of the nation

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