Television, drug of the nation

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  • when did quiz shows stop being about the questions and start becoming an in depth psychological examination of a family / individual unit

  • I just watched Stranger Things S3 E1, fantastic, back on form

  • Yeah I wasn’t fussed about the last series, but I’m enjoying this more.

    Still a bit of a pastiche-a-thon though.

  • Late to this and probably already highlighted but-
    Ozark on netflix is fantastic.

  • Totally, season 3 must be just around the corner!

  • Well I was bored and in need of something short and no need to concentrate and much attention to, so downloaded Mike Tyson Mysteries, wow did not expected it to be quite good funny weird shit with an actual Mike Tyson in it. Couple of episodes and it always fucked up surreal ending. Also would be fun to watch while tripping balls I guess

  • great review right there, you should write for rotten tomatoes

  • Ball tripping watching should be Happy, finished series 2 the other evening and it's just great. So weird, darkly funny, bleak and desolate with some of the most beautiful OTT violence.

  • Also one of the best sex scenes on tv.

  • It's also been cancelled...


  • No series 3 cancelled or series 3 will be the last?

  • Anyone catch 'I am Nicola' last night? Fantastic acting and dialogue in particular which felt so natural which made it very unnerving - That BBQ scene in particular was very tense for me.

  • The Detour, stupid show but when it hits it is fucking hilarious. One of the my highlights in the desert that is summer tv scheduling in the US.

  • That's shit, ended 2 with a promise of more.

  • Yea I don't know..
    really liked (and recommended) the first seasons, but meanwhile it's just wack in my opinion.

  • Is nobody watching Patriot?

  • Watched S1 and enjoyed it. How is S2?

  • It get's sadder but also sweeter and maybe a bit absurd. Definitely worth it if
    you have seen S1. There are some amazing payoffs for things that were setup in S1.
    Also great new opening credits.

  • Ennis has said that The Boys would "out-Preacher Preacher"
    Available from today for your bingeing pleasure

  • Yeah, might binge watch that this weekend.

  • Wasn't aware of the existence of this, will check it out this weekend - thanks!

  • final season of Orange is the new Black dropped today on Netflix -suffered through a below par season 5 but it picked up i thought in S7 here we come.

  • @TW

    New season of Lethal Weapon has started well (as well as a guilty pleasure could do)

  • Just finished Tin Star. Was a little disappointed with S2 finale. I thought 'Is that it? What happened?'

    Then found out that S3 is going to be commissioned!

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Television, drug of the nation

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