Television, drug of the nation

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  • Flowers is another good un I believe. Julian Barret and Olivia Coleman

  • Season 1 was excellent - season 2 made no fucking sense and was terrible.

  • Has anyone done Black mirror's new series yet?

    Yep. Enjoyed but I don't think they lived up to the earlier series. None of the episodes "got" me like some of the darker ones (robot "dogs" one and xmas one spring to mind).

    Ep 2 is best of the three I think. All worth watching but don't expect to be blown away.

  • Bojack is fucking amazing it?

    I did just watch the first few episodes and now I'm very much like "what the fuck did I just watch", and why.

    Love the opening sequence though.

  • Really enjoyed this series funnily enough. Ep1 was quite thought-provoking and ep2 was very relatable in places. Ep3 was just good fun but probably the weak part of the series, it leaned on the fact it had a famous artist in too much I felt.

  • Half way through Chernobyl episode 3 and I cannot stop thinking about it. The way it's shot really does fill you with this constant feeling of bleak dread. Crazy that it's such a famous disaster, yet I probably only knew 5% of what actually happened. HBO done it again.

    Nuclear power seems bonkers, used to love cycling round Aldeburgh and looking at the Sizewell Nuclear power station, dunno how I feel about it anymore

  • Yeah, it's great, one of the best shows ever, let alone cartoons.


    There seems to be a lot of sensationalism around the dangers of radiation (which are very real, obviously anything in/very close to the reactor zone was deadly in very short time due to very high radiation levels) in the series that isn't backed up by facts.­_of_Fukushima_and_Chernobyl_nuclear_acci­dents

    I am still gonna watch it, but since this is the second post I see here about nuclear energy now feeling a lot more scary...

  • Barry is pretty decent so far.

    “Leroy Jenkins”

  • The first few episodes are total shit. The first season on the whole is worth it.

  • the mick
    lighthearted easy watching american comedy fayre about a ditsy single woman forced to look after her sisters kids when the fbi come after her
    seen a couple of episodes and amn't dreading the next one


  • The Mick is alright, but always sunny is infinitely better.

  • Stars trek disco inferno is far and away the best show on telly at the moment.

    Black mirror continues to be tv for people that own banksy coffee table books.

  • Anyone watching the new Handmaid's? Any good, still bleak as fuck?

  • Yup, still good, power dynamic changing a bit.

  • Ta, catch up here we come. Been watching Virtues, but don't know if I can handle Shane Meadows at the moment, bleak, but on a whole other level.

  • blitzed the first season of a good retro mobster style drama during the rains last week
    something called the soprano's

    can't wait for season 2

    spoiler alert
    grandma soprano what a character, watch out for that one

  • Stars trek disco inferno is far and away the best show on telly at the moment.

    Inferno? What's that? An new episode? Mini season? or do you just mean STD season 2?

  • It's his inimitable sense of humour. STD s2

  • Currently power watching "The Line of Duty"

    All great stuff. Everybody loves a bent copper.

    Except for this guy:

    Currently power watching "The Line of Duty"

    His acting is so awful and wooden, it's difficult to believe that he's human, let alone a police officer.

  • Mixing it up tonight. Bunch of wankers debate followed by love Island.
    Not sure which feels dirtier.

  • retro mobster style drama


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Television, drug of the nation

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