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  • Where were you when I needed you, like last year?

  • We’ve got a Babboe City Mountain. I rate it. We run it pretty hard with 3 kids and it’s been pretty solid. It handles the steep cobbled Edinburgh streets without too much hassle. I think the box has more space than a UA, but the UA is definitely a nicer spec, better finish, etc.

    I think Raleigh just took over Babboe’s distribution in the UK, so spares and parts should be easier to find than they have been.

  • Thanks… will have to rethink on Babbo then. Bigger box sounds good.

    Have also discovered Riese & Muller, which if we get a good price for the car is possible. Is it the Rapha of cargo: nice but a bit pricey?

  • They're great, but the price felt really punchy! FWIW, if you want UA, Laid Back Cycles in Edinburgh is great (not sure which bit of east coast you're on!), but the lead times are killer from the sounds of it.

  • I also feel like the R&M will be expensive to maintain long term, especially if doing regular services at a bike shop. Because of the added complexity. In my mind that will also make them less robust to supply chain disruption.

    That's just my opinions from looking and reading about them though. Would be interested to hear from long term users

  • I really love this bike. And I'm very jealous of your rear hub.

    Incidentally, I'm also using this stem on my cargo. I've found it fairly difficult to find handlebars that are compatible... I've just fitted some 22.2 bars that aren't insanely wide and have a little bit of sweep and rise. had to buy two sets of shims. hoping they're an improvement in comfort from the last set that i fitted (these purple numbers):

  • wowwwwwwwwwwww !!!!

  • Honestly?
    Looking at you posting about madjax and wondering what the fuck I was doing wasting my time buggering around with bendy bits of plywood

  • Ahhh. I just wanted someone to do it for me!

  • Meet the magic bike (inherited name from the previous owners)!

    A Babboe curve with missing electrics has been floating about on eBay for a couple of weeks and when it got reduced I chucked in an offer and picked it up on Sunday morning (very satisfyingly fit in the back of my van!)

    As expected the handling is a little interesting (and would be frankly terrifying at 25kph!!) but it will be mostly used for the school run which is a 5k pretty flat loop took 35 mins in total which is fine and might get a bit quicker with a bit more practice!

    A few small upgrades planned like new grips, and perhaps a new saddle but it doesn’t want for much!

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  • How do they ride? I was tempted to the same for my cargo

  • Seems a good buy

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Cargo Bikes

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