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  • Would be interested to know how this compares to an Urban Arrow. The UA feels a lot more heavy duty than the standard Bullitt, I wonder how much of that is down to the sheer size of it Vs other factors.

  • have to get a bigger shed etc

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  • Regular Bullitt vs regular UA can take same weight. The UAXL can take more, and more reliably on a daily basis without stressing the rider out. mcamb I think runs a few of them for the cycle taxi company?
    Bullitt/Douze/Omnium are all lighter in construction (bike weight 22-35 kg), but still capable of doing their job on a daily basis. The lower spec UA (45-60 kg) I tend to put in the 'leisure bike'/'family use' category. They are made using plainer materials and the whole system weighs a lot more*. Ask anyone thats done 10k+ on any of the above, Bullitt/Douze/Omnium frames don't break from riding/normal use/commerical use, crashs into things yes, overloaded and abusive riding yes, but you will find your average Tern will gain some cracks from that too, or just from the factory**

    *Which matters if your human powering it and having to hump it around your house/work on a daily basis. But if your riding it with 1-4 kiddo's/packets/actual couriering, e assist, then the 10-25 kg difference in the base weight of the bike becomes insignificant.

    **Anyone else getting Tern GSD with incomplete welds, actual holes in the frame where they've melted through the tubing? Then just painted it and sent it out? Thought it was just the mk1's that were patchy quality but just seen 2x mk2 with exact same shoddy/non existant QC. Also got another with headset cups not reamed in any kind of alignment, so when you turn one way, fork binds up, the other way, goes floppy? Bikes had a month of use, so totally possible that family rider has stoved it into something and bent the steerer in some bizarre way.

  • Sorry, I did mean the Bullit X Vs the UA-XL, I should have specified. I ride a UA-XL with a Carla trailer for work, often weighing about 200kg when fully loaded and it's great at the job. Would be interested in trying out the MegaBullitt in the same use case!

  • I understand it's being marketed specifically to delivery companies, but I'd really like to see a shorter Bullitt now that they have a longer one.

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  • I feel like this might be the first time I've seen a double chainset on a cargo bike.

  • Interesting! Here in Seattle doubles and triples were pretty standard before turn-key middrives took over.

  • I'd really like to see a shorter Bullitt

    ..not sure whether you have them in the UK but "Muli" bikes from Germany always strike me as being like little Bullits (obviously a bit different, with the folding basket design etc. but still).

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  • I’ve asked this before but I can’t find my original post. Could someone with a Bullitt take a close-up picture of the joints at each end of their steering rod (the long one that runs from the steerer to the fork)? I have a slightly different joint setup on mine and it has an annoying habit of starting to rattle when it gets a bit worn. I’d like to see if I could replicate the joints on the Bullitt.

  • Not that I’ve seen what a bullitt steering bar looks like but rose joints work pretty well

  • There was a german company who made some "shortys".

  • Also loved the kid's "Bullittle" 🙂

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  • I’ve just used decent rose joints on my steering linkage, 6 years of heavy use and no cleaning and they’re holding up good. I found cheap ones wear quickly and are only half the price

  • Now that’s cool!

  • Cheers MCamb and Kev-8. My steering link is cranked like the one on the Bullittle a couple of posts up ^. If it had a rose joint at each end, it would flop down under its own weight and flap around every time I went over a bump. I’m interested to see closer up what the setup is on an actual Bullitt. At the steerer end, mine has a double roller like a universal joint so it can pivot in all directions but not twist. That’s the bit that causes the rattling problems when it gets worn. At the fork end it’s got a ball and socket.

  • Just while I’m rooting through Google Images not finding what I’m looking for…

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  • Mines cranked just like the bullittle and doesn’t wobble about under its own weight, no rattles mind. Is there any way you could fit grease nipples/force in grease into your universal joint end?

  • Enve, di2...cable discs. I guess the poor mechanic has to rebuild it after whatever tf is happening here.

  • Does anyone know which urban arrows pedal me use? I’m guessing the xl?

  • Thank you!

  • This is really interesting, solves the cargo bike storage problem pretty well.

  • Yea, it might not be for everybody but the basket seems like a clever idea.

    I wonder how well their foldable kids' seat works!
    Haven't seen it up close in real life but saw parents riding with kids in the basket and they seemed reasonably happy 🙂

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Cargo Bikes

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