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  • 🤣 At least with the Douze the theory is that I just need to buy a new front end, but this is proving impossible.

    AND whichever solution you look at it's £££'s...

  • I extended my cargo bike a few years ago, stuck an extra 300mm in it for the full 1m cargo bed. Thought it looked weird and cut it back out, now I’m thinking of extending again 🤷🏼♂️

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  • I came on here to ask what people thought about that.

    Will there be an electric version do you think? I am still back and forth on what to do next with mine.

  • What are the canopy options for Tern?

  • not that I will be getting that, she can just get wet, its water.

  • correct.

  • Representation!

  • I'll try & contact the dealer (they won't answer the phone these days - email only!). If no good I'll try Performance Line Bearings.
    Thanks for your advice

  • No worries, if the motor is less than two years old it’s still under warranty- I’d try and get it replaced by Bosch before getting it refurbished by PLB.

    Even if it’s older than 2 years Bosch might offer you a good deal on replacement so do try and get on your dealer’s case about it.

    (if it’s a bike for commercial use the warranty is just 1 year, but still try and go the Bosch route first)

  • I'll ask here :
    Noisy bafangs. What gives?
    Mine started making quite the growly grindy noise last night.

  • hmm never had that, but read about it and mot say that they dont come with enough grease on gears from factory so you may need to top it up­Mjw

  • I just got this through, they are introducing a longer bullet with 22cm extra length.

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  • Sigh. I suppose this means I will not be doing what I wanted to do this weekend....

  • Why would you put that thick grease on the clutch 🤔. Wouldn’t you get the same issues as when you use too thick a grease on freewheel pawls? Just a thought

  • Feels like not enough for existing owners to upgrade?

  • you'd assume more space = heavier loads which makes electric even more appealing
    Fairly conspicuously non-motor frame in all the images so far though so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    If I ever buy another bullitt I think I'd go big + electric but then I'd also have to get a bigger shed etc etc and, unless we get a really, really big dog once the kids are able to cycle themselves I think the regular size, non-electric version will continue to be enough

  • Really valuable info thanks @M_V
    I'm going to take a full review at end of summer before the bulky winter coats come out squeezing them up again. Will definitely come back if I need to go up in height.

  • New LWB frame is aimed at courier companies. LVH have lost a LOT of ground to Urban Arrow with the XL in those circles so this is their response, a long time coming, it took a large mainland based company to pony up for a big order to make the new jigs etc begin to make sense. The windfall is the rest of us can now order single units of the LWB frame at a reasonable price when they start landing later in the year (summer AFAIK)

  • haha this is my mates. Its in better nick than the photos show. Think he has a Yuba now with a BBSD on it. Small world, esp in cargo bikes.

  • They are great bikes, I love mine.

  • I was suddenly really tempted to buy it. And then I had a word.

  • Same, apart from the having a word bit.

  • Quite close to me, just messaged him.....

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Cargo Bikes

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