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  • Ha! Not your run of the mill commuter setup.

    Now, back to cargo bikes.

    Spotted this one a month or so back and snapped a photo.

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  • Evening. One query today: what is the top theoretical speed of an illegally modified ebullitt? Strictly for information / curiosity purposes of course, officer.

  • Nice! I'm quite likely to buy a cargobike sometime soon and I think I'd prefer a longtail. Does anyone know what the options are for longtail ebikes?

  • I’m interested but also looking to keep as lightweight as possible. Options of using thinner ply on some panels perhaps?

  • That would mean re-drawing the whole thing, found a place that did it for £160 for one off so have gone with them. Collecting this week.

  • 15mph

    Isn't that the standard top speed? Is there no way to put a more powerful motor in there that might jack it up to 20mph?

  • might get it to 15.1mph if you were going downhill with a tailwind

  • Can’t do a tree - but can I get some general gardening respect?

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  • Decathlon have one, not available in the UK yet.

    Kona did an e UTE

    You could keep an eye out for a UTE and then do a conversion using one of the kits linked previously. I have a non electric Ute (so does @mig) and really like it.

  • Douze have announced a longtail that looks pretty good:­3/

  • Yuba do a few e longtails. Not tried one myself, but they are on my hypothetical shortlist.

    and there is Bicicapace as well. Again no personal experience.

    Like Sacredhart, I’ve got a non electric Ute. I’m happy without the motor for now but a bafang or similar is a possible future upgrade.

  • Gear cable snapped on my UA yesterday. After looking through YouTube videos I've ordered replacement inner wires & a cable end gadget. Fingers crossed; it's as easy as it looks. Anyone here have any advice?

  • Pretty robust storage concept.

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  • Also have not seen it discussed here before the cargo bike monkeys cargo bike but not with a monkey, with a dog. Want.

  • Just to watch the Nuvinci videos as you do it. It’s a simple but fairly fiddly process and can be quite frustrating the first couple of attempts.

    Also to make sure when you’re done the gear cables aren’t too slack. They’ll break faster and or get jammed in your shifter and damage that too

  • Does look good.

    Talking of Douze, anyone know of any UK dealers? We bought ours from London Green Cycles, but I’ve given up on them getting back to me regarding upgrading the front end of our Medium V2 to a Long. Something has happened between them and Douze to the extent that they won’t even ask for some ballpark costs!?*

  • Tern have had the vertical storage on the GSD for a good while now..

    They are bloody pricey, mind you

  • Anyone getting in on the current Omnium Ti preorder?

  • Change one wire at a time, if you pull both out of the outers its easy to mix up which goes where on the hub end. Leave a little slack on the cable lengths so it's easier to pop the endcaps in and out at the hub end, you can tighten up at the shifter but not so tight that shifting gets heavy. Like Mcamb said the enviolo vids are good.

    @ffm depending on your needs Veloe have some solid midtails, lots of different gear options and you can choose between bosch and shimano motors too.

  • Omnium have a 20% sale on classic framekits at the moment so about £220 off

  • No would just say Douze themselves are pretty relaxed, been trying to get an account with them for 2.5 years, suspect they enjoy too much wine whilst at work :p
    But seriously, just ask London Green again, many of us shops occasionally get completely swamped with emails (once got 410-420 legit emails from actual humans in 1 day). Though last summer and this was averaging in the 80-150 per day region. Even blanket responses cannot keep it under control and you spend all your evenings + nights of the week week just responding as usefully as you can, so folk 100% fall through the cracks and its not intentional.

  • I know Douze can be too relaxed at times! We did contact Roman (owner) back in early 2019 when the world seemed very different about upgrading the front-end, but the pricing and availability today is completely different. I did email twice, then spoke to humans a couple of times a week for 6 weeks with the final conversation ending something like this:

    "We have a bit of any issue with Douze as we just had a shipment arrive and the import tax is apparently worth more than the goods themselves due to customs thinking they've come straight from Taiwan as opposed to France. Until we get that resolved we're not in a position to look at getting other Douze products in."

    Although in earlier conversations he was talking about tagging our potential order along with another customers which is due to ship in January 2022. Is all I want is costs and approx delivery time based on numerous items from their site.

    I did speak to these guys­e on the phone who seemed helpful, but it was the guys first week so he knew very little. Might try and pop there in person next week as it's only 3miles away and I have some holiday to use up. Failing that I have a French colleague who could so some ringing around across the Channel!

  • Rep
    Or go to France/Belgium and ride one back ;) Been done quite a few times for various cargo bikes before Brexit happened, now there is even more reason to do so. Custom's becomes another issue, or maybe they won't notice haha.
    Interesting they have gone to Brose now, probably with Bosch + Shimano availability being so dire, for the price of £6.3k, I would say in 2021 that is a good buy, maybe a little painful but Douze gives IMO the best neutral handling (not too sharp, not too doddery), cable steering system that works and is reliable (R+M had some kind of a problem recently though they are keeping the actual details hush hush), big old box, good seats, step through, whole bike splits in half and is realistic to do by the end user given some basic tools, good riding position , moderate weight (same as Bullitt tbh) and well put together.

    As I say, wish I could get some!

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Cargo Bikes

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