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  • once cleaned, should I grease or oil the springs and pawls? will too much grease restrict movement?

  • Nah not really. Got a Sram one on the front because I couldn't stop the magura leaking. Not got money spare to fix it at the moment though

  • Generally need a light oil on pawls, no grease

  • could just be misaligned/need indexing

    They don’t work like this, and there is no indexing on enviolo.

  • Thanks, I googled it and that's what I did. I Also, with a pair of tweezers, took out the 3 Pawl springs, cleaned them, and gently pichned them to give the pawls a bit more force pushing outwards. A bastard to get the wheel and brake back on, then test rode up a hill and it ran perfectly. Doubled back for a second go and it all went to shit again :(

    So I'm booked at Lewisham Cyclery for a total rebuild, I want trigger shifters this time, anyone got a better idea than alfine 8? Rholoff is £££ and from what I heard no more durable

  • and from what I heard no more durable

    Where did you hear that? I can confidently say that is complete horse poop.

  • Good one, I have the same (Billy) in the basement suspended from the central beam with tie down straps.

  • Where did you hear that? I can confidently say that is complete horse poop.

    Lol, from a mechanic I met once. You'd say Roloff worth the initial outlay then?
    Also need to look at lead time, I'm supposed to be moving house in a couple of weeks

  • Happy to loan you mine if the dates work dude.

  • Did a 5 by 5 kallax bit had to dismantle it as was too heavy for me to move around onto the bike by myself

  • Ah ok! Shows what I know.

  • Thats an incredibly kind offer. Is it your personal machine? a UA XL?

    I'll be booking 2x riders with trailers from pedalme as well.

  • Roloff worth the initial outlay then?

    I sound like a broken record on this thread but.. yes, 100%!

    Also I’ve never seen any UA with Shimano hub gears. I don’t know why, if it works or not but would want to look into why that is.

  • Yeah this mechanic simply talking bullshit.

    Anyone who says Rohloff is shit has never actually spent time on one / working with them.

    Very much a best friend deals with the Uk servicing and 99% of the time they can be sorted even after things like a house fire?!

    I’d buy one in an instant.

    I keep putting it off tho… maybe that spare orange one at work… hmmm!

  • Right thanks both, sold. Are they trigger shift compatible?

  • You can fit cinq5 triggers which are dogshit. I find the grip shifter to actually be great as it just pulls cables, doesn’t index

  • It's a PM bike but if I'm not using it you are welcome to it for the move.

  • Rohloff > all other igh. Evidence? Backed by literally thousands of people doing mad miles on them. Any trouble is swiftly dealt with by distributor /mftr.
    Shifters are a bit marmite though

  • After doing near 500miles on a 5 speed Shimano I wonder what you'd need all those gears for on an electric bike that cuts out at 15 mph. I use first to set off, second to pootle and 3 rd to go 15 mph.

  • The appeal of Rohloff for e-cargo isn’t the number of gears it has. Although it’s total range is good

  • You can fit cinq5 triggers which are dogshit. I find the grip shifter to actually be great as it just pulls cables, doesn’t index

    I want my gears to index. Part of the problem with the enviolo, before I destroyed it, was having to stop pedaling on steep climbs to find a gear, then have no idea how many gears I'd changed, and lose all momentum.

    Also gripshift involves the whole wrist / arm, is clumsy and un ergonomic. Just utter dogshit all round really.

  • Rohloff hub does the indexing, not the shifter.

    I’d highly recommend finding one to test

  • Not like you haven’t worked for pedal me before and done several hundred miles on a UA with Rohloff ;-)

  • They were very reliable hubs to use but then I never was responsible for servicing them, so good to hear it from user / owners. I will hate grip shifting until my dying breath, though.

  • Obv didn’t know you have ride time on one…

    Servicing, just do your oil changes and don’t abuse it.

    Simon @ thorn cycles probably knows the most about Rohloff in the country..

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Cargo Bikes

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