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  • Champagne corks are a good upgrade (get them free in a bar before anyone accuses you of spending your hard-earned cash on expensive bubbly).

  • Helpful tip followed by a disclaimer to avoid going on the golf club thread

  • unnecessary upgrade

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  • Like it! What have you had to do to accommodate that?

    I am yet to use my height adjuster. I’m the only one to ever use the bike and so far I prefer to arrange my load accordingly so I don’t move my bars up. Would like to lose the extra bits of the quick release gubbings if it’s straight forward

  • a 28.6mm rod
    a mini velo carbon spacer from aliexpress
    CK headset
    CK headset bearing cap (for the bottom of the rod)
    Star nut

    fine on paper, issue is having a long enough tool to remove and install headset

    I gave it to Mark at SBC to sort it while I had a haircut

  • Gotcha. Ironically I had to change height this week!! Once I get a bigger box sorted on the front I think I’ll be looking to do something similar.

  • Would this work on an omnium with 2.1" tyres?­wo-legged-stand-26-M150498.html

    The 28" version

  • My cheapy Madison one was definitely a lot narrower than that when open, and worked. 26x2.something rear 20(406)x2.1 front

    A bit wobbly if when overloading

  • I'm wondering whether it'll be long enough to lift the rear wheel with the fat tyres tbh

  • Yes, I'm running this on a mini max wi-fi with 2.1s and rear wheel sits about 50mm off the ground

  • wow I just realised you bought a cargo bike without a stand .. why?

  • That's how they come, stand is eggstra, which is why I bought a cheapy

  • I just lean it up against some shit while I load it. Hasn't been a problem but yeah it didn't come with one and London Green Cycles were out of stock when I got the frame

  • cargo bike where stand is extra; what kind of bullshit is this?

  • Tbf prob more likely only on cargos you can buy as a frameset

  • Pedal me helped me move some kallax shelving today

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  • Ooh, I would be nervous about flexing that stuff in that plane!
    Worked ok I assume?

  • Terrible slipping / gear skipping on my grip shift enviolo hub gear set up on the UA family. I have no knowledge of hub gears and would rather not open it up, is there any basic maintenance I should be performing before o go to a mechanic?

  • Oof, so worst case Nuvinci have a kind of replace when they break policy with their hubs (they break quite often on these bikes), so fingers crossed I don’t think you’ll have to shell out for a new hub. Not sure how that works on second hand bikes but you should deffo ask. Chat to a local UA / Nuvinci dealer and see if they’ll be able to help you.

    Before that though remove the wheel and watch a video on replacing the freehub mechanism. @vince has just done it so can maybe offer some pointers. I’m not sure if there’s anything else to check before going down the ‘this hub needs to be replaced’ route. They’re sealed units so there’s no a lot we as users can check tbh.

    Good luck!

  • Quite a sturdy set of shelves, worked fine! I was leading the way in front and observed them go over a few bumps with no discernible flexing :)

  • My bad, didn’t see response. I don’t mind at all. You need them sharpish?

  • It could just be misaligned/need indexing (I have no idea if that's the correct terminology). I've never used an Envilio hub but the Nexus hubs on the Bullitts I used to use for work needed adjusting constantly to avoid them slipping. It was very straightforward and didn't involve any disassembly of the hub.

  • Thanks. Interestingly, it doesnt slip without the e-assist motor powering up. I rode it gently on the flat and the gears engage. On a hill, it slows to a stop, your legs are just not strong enough to keep it moving, but despite strong pressure on the pedals still no slipping.

    So I'm hoping the hub is ok, but something about the motor engaging causes slippage. As @MCamb hopefully just the freewheel pawls.

    I'm a bit stranded as I have a new job on site tomorrow and will have to take my tools on the train, all my bike stuff is at my lock-up 10 miles away, don't really want to disassemble it in my front garden.

  • Right, so I've disassembled it in my front garden. Pawls are visibly worn. Tiny brass springs seem quite weak, as well as clogged with crap I'm trying to clean out.

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Cargo Bikes

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