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  • Omnium used to sell them, but looks like they're no longer available.

  • Give us a shout if you need it rebuilt

  • Any tips for insurance?

  • Don't fancy fitting hoses and bleeding some magura brakes while you're at it do you?

  • Looks like you can reproduce some kind of rack light for Omnium. Guess you need a 3D printer and some other bits.­0­83-pipe-light-for-omnium-cargo-rack-or-o­ther-pipes

  • i had laka for a bit then my contents was up for renewal so added to that at like £4k or something and it was wayyyyyyyy cheaper

  • Ta, contents should be up for renewal soon too so will check that out

  • That's pretty rad. Far too involved for me however

  • Does anyone make lights that go in the rack ends?

    Perhaps you could fit some bar-end lights to go in the Omnium's rack tubes, using a shim of some kind if needed. For example, the Cateye Orb (code SL-LD160-R-BE) is rated for 50 hours constant and 100 flashing light with readily available CR2032 batteries.

  • I’m doing this with some Exposure Flare lights, they fit well. They are wired in to an Exposure Strada up front.

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  • Missed this, still available?

  • Nah just went to check and it’s been marked as sold

  • I’m doing this with some Exposure Flare lights, they fit well. They are wired in to an Exposure Strada up front.

    That's a nice arrangement.

  • My only concern with lights in the front rack ends is that I already lost one of the front plugs in my first couple of weeks of owning the bike, and have never replaced it, because I'm constantly knocking the rack end into doors getting the bike into my flat. :( I fear the lights wouldn't last long.

  • Although, my front rack ends are permanently obscured by the bag, so maybe it's a less common problem when you can actually see them. :)

  • I did the same for my bikes.

    Admiral Insurance let you name individual bikes up to £3,500 IIRC on their home policy.
    Bikes are covered inside & outside but you need a Sold Secure gold bike lock (or above).
    I can't see any mention of excess on the paperwork.

    Cost for home insurance (building+content) + those 2x bikes = £236

    I think Laka & others bike insurance specialist want around 10% of the value of the bike per annum so there's a saving to be made but as always T&C apply and NFA

    In addition, I would recommend getting a tracker for the cargo bike for added peace of mind.

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  • When i last renewed my home insurance i put a cargo bike on it. I still haven't got a cargo bike :-(

  • What, your cargo bike got nicked?! and now you need to claim to buy a new one?! oh no!

    I'm kidding, don't commit fraud, hehe

  • Had to do some major digging to even remember who my buildings&contents were with. Halifax, for the (my) record. Due for renewal in December, which is timely. So I'll take a look then. Thanks all.

  • You might want to check to see if they apply average/underinsurance.

    They may reduce the settlement in the event of a partial loss claim.

    ( Assuming the Douze is worth more than £3500)

  • From memory, the Douze was 4,500€ excl. VAT back in 2015 or 2016.

    Prices have now doubled and the exchange rate is appalling however knowing how insurance companies work, they'd likely ask for the bill of sale then apply some depreciation so if anything, £3,500 is over valued

  • My bikes are insured on household contents ins. but I was unsure whether the cargo bike (which is used exclusively for work) would be covered as it's a commercial vehicle, so I took the belt & braces approach & insured separately through Laka

  • Out of interest, what sort of premium does it attract?

    From personal experience looking at Laka a few years back, it was 10% of the bike new price (incl. VAT) per annum - which I found ludicrous.
    Paying £500 insurance per annum for a bicycle seemed way excessive as my combined 1x car / 1x motorbike / 1x house premium was lower than that.

    EDIT: just had a look and a £5k bike is £30pcm and "no more than" £45 so let's say £30x6months+£45x6months=£180+£270=£450

    At this rate, you might as well look at leasing a cargo bike since the sums involved are more than a motorised vehicle!

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  • well it does vary. tbh i've never looked at the year as a whole, but it's usually about £30/month and the bikes would cost about £7500 to replace

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Cargo Bikes

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