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  • That must have been an interesting ride

  • Was alright actually, it was only about 15kg. Have had heavier shops on there. It was quite large tho! Couldn’t squeeze through many gaps

  • Shame they never had the Douze for a direct comparison

    Yeah, it was pretty disappointing. They said don't bother with the online booking and just ring as they never know what's in stock . Lead times were in the months for a bullitt so still not sure what I'm going to do.

    You’re more than welcome to come and try ours.

    That's very kind and I would have definitely taken you up on that but I'm in forest gate east london so getting over there is not very likely for me atm.

    I'll be in France for Christmas so that might be my best chance of testing a Douze the way things are going 😂

  • Used to have to carry this 20 odd kilo bag of cat litter pellets home. Now I can pick it up plus a crate of shopping.
    Couldn't do without it now.
    Still needs some bits tinkering with. Primarily the brakes. And I'll probably flip the stem and embrace the stack

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  • excellent !

  • Does anyone make lights that go in the rack ends?
    That would be neat

  • Underslung/aftermarket mid drive ish type? Tongsheng 500w, in reality the big players from Shimano EP8/Bosch CX cargo 'rated at 250w' are actually more powerful and more torquey, its just the number they slap on it to make it sound good IME. They also do a 750 + 1000w versions but your definitely in 'illegal e bike' territory there. Not sure how LDN is doing with keeping tabs on them but in Glasgow police are much more interested in slightly dodgy e bikes than other more serious crime so beware, having something that says large numbers on the side of your bike could be an issue. Batteries, buy from anyone reputable, anything in the 500wH to 1000wH is plenty.

  • London is an absolute free for all with 9/10 Food delivery riders on illegal ebikes. 1000s of people on illegal e scooters too. Police don’t gaf / don’t have the resources to regulate it.

  • You tempted to get a dynamo?

  • Dynamo and guards one day yeah. I do have a Dyno wheel I could repurpose actually

  • I do have a Dyno wheel I could repurpose actually

    Cool, 15mm through axle?

  • It's one of those ones Evans sold cheap a while back. It came with QR, 12 and 15mm end caps

  • Police don’t gaf / don’t have the resources to regulate it.

    They're also undermined by idiotic Government 'policy'.

  • That’s cool. I shoulda bought one of those

  • It really is. Food delivery drivers caning it through Clissold Park on illegal ebikes is a common sight.

  • This looks awesome

  • Yeah a couple of pages ago I was deliberating over
    Bafang or tongsheng
    And what size battery.

    I've got a conversion lined up with a
    BBS02 C965 kit + 52V15A battery

    I'd thought I might be getting a tongsheng and I'd got used to the idea of its torque sensor.

    Should I stick with the tongsheng (it sounds like no)

    (Battery is overkill)

  • BBS02 C965 350w kit + 36V17A battery

    thats the one

  • Thanks. I keep losing bits of information.
    Lucky I don't have a serious job or anything

  • Maybe so but it doesn’t mean that police know what they’re looking at or are able to distinguish easily between different ebikes. Of the few times I’ve chatted to them on the street they’ve been utterly clueless. Which was my experience when talking about anything to do with bikes really : ).

  • Depends on inner diameter, but I’ve seen lights that go into drop bar ends.

  • Reported for offensive mudguard

  • Glad someone’s pointed it out

  • Urgh it's a nightmare on that frame. It does the job and she doesn't care/notice at all

  • LGC are not the best communicators at times.

    I think lead times on most cargo bikes is long at the moment. I think Douze are delivering to LGC early next year so might be no quicker than a Bullitt.

    Sounds like France could be the best place to test ride the Douze. If you do find yourself heading West (London!) the offer for a test ride is still there.

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Cargo Bikes

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