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  • stop posting photos of this bike

  • You told me to get it!

  • yes but dont make me jealous

    went to SBC yest to fit CK headset on my bullitt (because why not?) test rode XT Di2 6100 bullitt, was good, could tell diff between bafang and STEPS. Bafang has higher torque but less 'direct' feel (can be solved by tweaking some timings with USB cable I think.

    also saw the la vita in the window, wtf

  • also saw the la vita in the window.


  • Seen/done a few +Bafang and Tongsheng conversions recently, both work absolutely fine. Defo not the same user experience as a proper mid drive, but actually for heavy loaded cargos, you just want torque, lots and lots of torque. Ability to change gear under power without backing off is a bonus (TBH only external gear systems really can do this without going bang) but not essential.
    Difference in feel/experience between Bosch + Shimano in their most up to date models (gen4/e6100/ep8) are very small. choose one with the most torque if your a heavy user, you'll be happy with a performance line/E6100 if for family use. Older Gen 2/Gen 3 Bosch or Shimano E6000 yeah was some differences.

    The supplied with/stock map on the Tongsheng is hopeless. Don't bother reading anyones reviews of it unless they bothered to flash another one onto it or at least made some rudimentary tweaks to it.

  • Spotted outside Ruislip Waitrose;

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  • Heading to the states next month. Sorely tempted to grab one of these....

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  • Last photo for Amey

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  • I would totally be doing this. There’s a guy in Sheffield with a bafanged up Big Dummy. I have major bike envy. If I could lay hands on a Big Easy I’d be all over it.

  • How come you folks get through so much pizza?

    Edit: or is it because I’ve got no friends?

  • Just wondering if I could actually get in on a plane or would it need to be posted back.

  • Stick it in your carry on, no problems

  • Dont worry. I don't have any friends either, but my sister and her family are visiting.

  • where was pizza born tho

  • Church street. Fact.

  • In the old school by the looks of it.

  • They didn't have a Douze in stock so only got to test à couple of bullitts in the end. The first one had only just been built and had the steps ep8 and dérailleur setup with the widest bars I've ever seen. Barely touched the pedals and torque was insane, lots of fun but would be a bit mental for carrying 2 kids in. The gears only worked with the battery plugged in which seems like a crazy option to have imo. The 2nd was with nexus 5, steps e 600 and swept back bars, it felt really comfortable and the pedal assist was barely noticeable compared to the other just easier on the legs without the catapulting acceleration.

    I tried à bakfiets long in between just out of curiosity and it's like a cruise liner in comparison I didn't enjoy it at all tbh.

    I really want to try the douze (if anyone knows anywhere else in London that has them in stock?) as for à family bike it has a few more options than the bullitt which will take a bit more effort to get right for my needs.

  • one of the weird indelible memories I have from my youth was asking my dad with all the emphatic honesty that a child can possibly have "why don't you and mommy have any friends?!?!" I forget his response, but now that I'm a parent I know the answer....

  • I come here for the cargo bike tips and get hit by the cold hard truth

  • What is your recommendation of motor and battery for lugging two units of children (1 X 10 and 1 X 5 years old) up and down SE London hills?

  • Shame they never had the Douze for a direct comparison so you can hop from bike to bike. I love the Long Bakfiets, but it’s certainly a cruising machine rather than speed machine like the Bullitt/Douze.

    Not sure who else who would have Douze in London? You’re more than welcome to come and try ours. We’re in Ealing, so we might completely out of your way? Our bike is also non-assist, but you will get a good idea of the handling/how it rides.

    LGC used to offer bringing bikes to your home for a fee so you could test ride them around where you live. If you purchased a bike the fee was taken off the price of the bike. No idea if they still offer this though.

  • Just wondering if I could actually get in on a plane or would it need to be posted back.

    The short answer to this is yes, you could get it on a plane. If it’s boxed, you can just turn up with it, pay the oversize/excess baggage charge and they’ll put it in the freight. Downside is the cost, which varies between £10-£20 per kilo depending on the flight and carrier.

    I used to do this with F1 car parts when I worked at the F1 team and did occasional last-minute parts runs before races. The most I turned up with was 9 large crates totalling 270kg, so there is always space!

  • The only issue might be the batteries. You usually have to ship those as hazardous goods. Would have to check ahead about that.

  • Yeah, I've seen that the battery might be an issue.

  • .

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Cargo Bikes

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