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  • Pedal&Post in Oxford are selling one of their Urban Arrows…­1448289372965687303?s=20

  • Away we go

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  • Niiiice. Dare I ask how much?

  • Waiting for it on order

  • Too much. But with 15% discount the same as my returned packster.

  • I think you should just borrow that Bullit until Spring, then wait for stock to settle.

  • lovely colour

  • dual battery feels like such a luxury!

    edit: what is that on the back?

  • Fold up push chair

  • X Wheelie bar

  • Yes, you got the Rohloff!

  • handy. I need to get a crate or something for mine when it arrives.

  • I have an alfine 8 on my bullitt, it works perfectly and has done on the 4 or 5 other bikes it's been on over the years, but I'd love to get a rohloff, is it worth the £1k you'd end up spending to upgrade?

  • This was asked up thread and a few people other than me answered.. I can only speak from experience.. which is going from maintaining a fleet of cargo bikes with Nuvinci, to then upgrading them and getting all subsequent bikes with Rohloff. In that instance on commercially used bikes that get used and abused daily, often exceeding their load limits, it was 100% essential and worth it. Even if you aren’t an extreme user they’re still excellent value for money, just really well made components which are reliable asf. The way they hook up to the gear cabling is very easy and painless when you need to detach to work on the wheel or hub compared to others I’ve used. They roll really nicely too.

    I also like how there is no flange offset so they build into nice n strong symmetrical wheels. But that’s not unique for Rohloff just another little +

    The Nuvinci just weren’t up to the abuse and were breaking (either terminally or fixable- still annoying and caused operational issues) at an unmanageable rate. I dread to think what it would be like now with a fleet 5x the size, and often pulling much heavier loads when you add the trailer into the mix. Would be a nightmare.

    I think it’s worth it, you just don’t have to spend that kind of money on it if you already have something that works, if that makes sense!

  • Thanks for the reply!

    As i suspected, it would be an awesome bit of kit.. but you're right, the alfine does the job. I'll wait til it finally packs in!

  • Booked in at London Green to test a bullitt and a douze tomorrow. Never actually ridden a cargo bike before so pretty excited.

  • Both are great machines.

    Will be a tough choice. You’ll probably love the look of the Bullitt, but love the neutral handling of the Douze. Very similar sized and capable machines. Shout if you have any questions about the Douze, we’ve had one for over 4 years, plus I know @Vince and @pascalo have them.


  • Yes, mine is still in business use after 4+ years.
    Doubles up as a baby hauler at the weekends

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  • Away we go

    That Rohloff equipped Riese & Müller Load 75 e-cargo bike is something else -- superb. It looks like the total replacement for a car with local journeys.

    I read a lovely article of a guy taking his 85-year-old mother with Alzheimer's on a tour round the south of France with one on their website:­always-ready-next-trip

    It would be nice if they also offered some bright colours, only coal grey or white are rather understated, e.g., a nice bright red like their Delite or the yellow of the Supercharger e-bikes.

  • I've got the non-electric Pedal Power from around 2012. I don't think I appreciated how much longer it is than all the others. I need to get a patch of fake grass for the bottom of my box!

  • 2 different modes for my omnium this week. Pizza carrier and and Post nursery drop off commute.

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  • Yeah, agree a red one would be nice. Just been on a mission to London's finest.

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Cargo Bikes

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