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  • the huge rubber band that UA use to stabilize the steering.

    Is this for real -- surely there must be a better way?

  • Later models have acrylic plates to guide the steering arm.

    @William. Might be worth looking at the grub screw on the front steerer tube and giving it a quarter turn or so to increase resistance. Also pedalling rather than coasting helps maintain stability.

  • Anyone have expierence with an Xtracycle Edgerunner longtail?

    One popped up locally and was wondering if it would be worth it, would be nice to have a bike at the in-laws to ride the girls around.

  • I'd even ride in Middlesbrough if they had a car free day, gets so many extra folk out walking/running/kids/bikes/nut jobs on unicycles, good to see!

  • One of the headsets is loose, front wheel loose, steering bar loose somewhere (beware don't just randomly tighten everything to the max, on some cargo's the steering components have very specific torque specs).
    Also check spoke tension, had two UA from online retailers come in for a 'check up', both wheels spoke tension was low, the second one the front wheel was basically zero tension, was just flopping all over. Bike had about 40 miles on it from new :s

  • Also pedalling rather than coasting helps maintain stability.

    Yes tried this, at 22mph+ I'm not putting much power through the pedals and it's hard to speed up when you're not 100% in control

    Might be worth looking at the grub screw on the front steerer tube and giving it a quarter turn or so to increase resistance.

    This was the kind of thing I was thinking, but didn't want to just start playing with tourques on an unfamiliar machine. Thanks

  • Anyone have expierence with an Xtracycle Edgerunner longtail?

    One popped up locally and was wondering if it would be worth it, would be nice to have a bike at the in-laws to ride the girls around.

    Lots of experience - I used to work as a mechanic at an Xtracycle dealer. They're solid. Accessories of different eras can be a little confusing to navigate and shifting can be finicky given the length - if you get one with cable stops, I suggest switching to full-run housing for the rear derailleur.

  • Great to hear! Biggest worries are chain length and accessories. Does not look easy to find stuff in general in the eu. Primary concen with chain length is the ability of the derailleur to cope with it while riding around cobbles. (mayb a clutch model will fix that)

    Do you have an idea what model year the one is in the picture? The one I came accross looks similar, cable discs, no guards and pretty basic spec all around. They guy wants €1100 for it which is pretty steep imo, but I might put in a bid. When he sees he's not flogging it for his asking price I might get lucky.

  • Have you, or anyone else, ridden one of those?

    I was looking at it and wondering if it would make a better option than my current dad bike for carting around my soon to be 5 year old. She's getting a bit too big for the standard child seat on my commuter, but I don't really need (or have space for) a full cargo bike.

    So I was wondering about something like that with a seat designed for slightly bigger children on the back. Either mounted to the rack, or something like this bobike one.

  • The issue with that one is roller brakes. They are the homeopathy of brakes.

  • Ha! Roller brakes aren't always that bad. I've certainly ridden bikes where they work fine.

    They wouldn't be my first choice, but it's not like I'm going to be going much above pottering speed in any case.

    But yes, definitely a point against.

  • They are the homeopathy of brakes.

    This is truer than true

  • You lot obviously haven't ridden a bike with steel rims and rod brakes in the rain. That's real homeopathy.

  • I had been talking myself round to swapping the C Max for a hyrbid car, as most of the driving I do is grocery shopping and childminder drop off/pick up. I had also convinced myself that the route was not dad bike friendly. Now questioning that and eyeing up e-cargos. Anything objectively better than the Urban Arrow Family? Also, where do people keep theirs if no easy storage access? I would be thinking ground anchor in the front yard/garden bit of the house.

  • Bmx with chrome rims, brake actually works really well in the dry, in the wet, need a weeks written notice to stop.

  • Anyone happen to know much about or work with EAV transport solutions? Am interested because I believe they are visiting my company next week and I'm possibly involved.

  • Loads of choices, would suggest riding all your short list with all users. Many folk get sucked in by UA's swish marketing, they are good value for money but not the be all and end all.
    Shorter riders are harder to cater for so make sure they are happy with the bike before getting too far along. Loads of long John and long tail bikes to choose from

    Ground anchor and some kind of shelter (temp or permanent) is a good way to go if you have a pathway /front or back garden.

  • Thanks. Was chatting to Damo too, which helped. Pretty sure I want a box out front type affair as that might make doing the weekly shop trips by bike a bit easier. I'm going to try and get down to Pure Electric in Croydon as it is close and see what they have. For storage, I had hoped to put a ground anchor in out front, but ms_com is worried about it being a beacon for ne'er-do-wells. I have side access to round the back of the house but the narrowest point in the alley is 700mm, I can't seem to find out what bars the various options come with, but I suppose that is an easy solve. Will likely be ground anchor and rain cover until something more permanent comes around. Ms_com is happy with a bike store out front as at least that would mask it somewhat. But that won't be any time soon.

  • Was chatting to Damo

    wrong move

  • Reported for bullying.

    He reached out, all personal like. None of you fuckers really care, not like him.

  • I have now done a bit over 100km on my Packster and it is amazing.

    On urban arrows, I was given a lead time of 2022 for one. Depends how soon you want a bike.

  • Funds may be being diverted to the loft bathroom refit which is happening sooner than expected. Some shares may be coming in next month which might make it more of a possibility. More time to research I suppose.

  • i love mine too. No real problems with it whatsoever. Did you get the performance package? The m99 front light is incredible and the brake light rear is a nice touch

  • I didn't get the performance package :(

    Not entirely sure what the lights are. Supernova something on the front. They seem bright enough though.

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Cargo Bikes

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