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  • Hi, can anyone confirm if the omnium kickstand is the same as the ergotec double flex 3 that used to come spec'd on the tern gsd?
    Have used both and they seem to be the same design.
    We've had a free supply of ones that have come off gsd's, but we keep snapping them and the supply is starting to dry up.
    If they are indeed the same, then I'll just order more of the ergotecs, as there is a distributor for tern down here in NZ and will be much faster than ordering from the omnium website.
    Alternatively, has anyone found a better kickstand that will work with an omnium?

  • Ah ok! My kids are 4 and thought I could just make a bench for them but reckon without seatbelts they’d just stand up all the time/ try and jump off thinking it’s funny

    Little farkers, arnt they? Watch me transition seamlessly from strangling them to a heartfelt hug.

  • Was that you @M_V ringing your bell as I was picking up my kids yesterday at 5pm?

  • Oh, sounds like looking in a mirror 😂

  • Not guilty I'm afraid.

  • @Chaley have one, for sure more of a kid hauler than a cargo bike. I’m on the taller side so needed a much longer post and cockpit swap but like it a lot. Being able to fold the “box” when it’s empty make it much easier to weave through when it’s not needed

  • did you ever try out that cargo that attaches to the front of a regular bike?

  • Yes, still own it but will likely pass it on. Works well and great for the onebikelife folk. But wife wanted something she could use too if she wanted. I just don’t need 2 cargo bikes.

  • Only in Hackney eh?

  • Of course

  • I took the kids up a little local hill to see what it was like riding up fully loaded. Insanely easy with turbo mode is the answer. Looking forward to setting a PB on Mott Street when I take them up to Epping Forest.

  • Mini Max arrived - very happy 3 year old and his dad.

  • Anyone experienced front wheel speed wobbles on Urban Arrow or similar? I'm wondering if I need to tighten up anything on the steering mechanism. When coasting at between 18-22 mph I'm getting violent shaking at times

  • something is loose, @MCamb will know

  • After chatting with my wife it turns out she doesn't really want to use the cargo bike as she doesn't feel confident enough so that's making me want to get a bullitt again rather than a bakfiets (as I'm not going to be sharing it.)

    What's the quickest way I can get one ready for two kids? I've seen people have built their own boxes but I don't have the time for that and when I look at the accessories you can buy it all looks like seats for one kid?

    It's going to be for transporting kids first and foremost so if it's going to be too much of a ball ache I'll just go with a bakfiets I guess.

  • No cars in the city today, dadbike day!
    (standard Bullitt canopy and seat, with a Melia seat for the youngest)

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  • Where is that? Copenhagen?

  • Does look pretty exotic but just good ol Ghent.

  • Ghent is exotic enough!

  • Bakkies panniers. Where and how can I buy?


    Looks like off their website now, I got one through German Amazon last year.

  • We can scrub the Cabby, Liz has a Gazelle Miss Grace on order, or it could be a Heavyduty NL she can’t remember which 😂👍 (small-cargo they claim, shopper, I say)

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  • They have a new seat called the twin seat that has good space for two but is too wide for the BBX box, you need the canopy or a diy box. The original seat comes with two belts but it can be a bit tight.

    Urban Arrow speed wobbles- I'd check the ball joint between the steering arm and front fork, both headsets, and the huge rubber band that UA use to stabilize the steering.

  • They have a new seat called the twin seat

    Cheers, that looks cool but it doesn't look like you can actually buy it anywhere atm. I found this­ild-seat-box-for-larry-v-harry-bullitt-c­argo-bike
    Which looks like a good option I've emailed to see if it works with the canopy.

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Cargo Bikes

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