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  • Thanks. Speed now sorted. I think it wasn't tracing properly as maps not downloaded.

  • Bringing this back up from a mega dredge.

    Where are these inserts from?
    I have the base sorted, with those I'd be able to use plywood for the sides....

  • Standard Bullitt ones, should be able to get them from any Larry vs Harry supplier. Don't really know where you can get them, but I have found an EU source for me.

    For more consultation you can have a look into the assembly manual

    I think you should be able to produce similar results with regular bolts, washers and nyloc nuts. You would need some kind of standoff or a larger L bracket, but I guess it would still be cheaper than paying LvH tax.

    Ideal scenario would be to build your base a bit wider so it sits on top of the Bullitt frame, so you could just use regular L-brackets for the side panels. Would recommend using a fairly thick wooden base and countersunk hex bolts to attach it to the bike.

  • Thanks. Those LvH taxes are high. But understandable.

  • SBC cycles guys led me to believe that you could use those inserts to make a sort of quick release box. If you fixed them to the bottom of a box, you could just pop it off.

    Not sure if that's correct though

  • Pretty much, when new those dowl/machined inserts are mega tight, once they've been rattling around a few years you can just about pull them up. So for me normally run with a floor + BBX panels, if I spot a nice sofa/washing machine/dishwasher/sideboard that I want to take home with me, remove 4x M5 bolts, leaving the bbx panel adapters in the frame, take off actual panels and lay at the back/bottom/wherever, insert free loot, put a strap round it, ride home.
    If you've access to horse box/instrument box/chandlers materials you can get those neat 90 degree bayonet type fitting quick locks (come in M5/M6/M8/M10) so no tools required (always rattle a little though).

  • Couple of observations from a cargo bike noob.

    I only realised today that I should relax and enjoy the sit up and beg position. I was sort of crouching forward over the bars yesterday, which made steering and hand indicating less than perfect.

    Secondly, I have just been out on my road bike and almost fell off, the switch in handling is so great. Does this go away with time? Very strange sensation.

  • Does this go away with time? Very strange sensation.

    Yea, once your brain has fully adjusted. I don’t even notice switching between bikes now

  • Does this go away with time?

    No, I do it all the time!

  • the best is when you go from cargo to brompton

  • Going from a bullitt to a legitimate track bike is alway interesting and frankly so fun. Especially if not been out on track bike in a while.

  • Thought I was going to die the first time I did this.

  • Agreed, jump from bullit to road bike / polo bike all the time and it's fine.

    First time definitely threw me off, though!

  • To be fair, the Bullitt is pretty aggro as far as cargobikes go.

  • I only want to ride the bullitt now. My 90s Kona runaround has been relegated to hanging on the wall and my road bike get about 2 rides a year when a friend of mine toes me around a 30mile rout while I moan.

    I've done more miles on the cargo since march than I've done on all other bikes in the last couple of years.

  • dual battery sounds ace. Not that I struggle with battery at all day to day, but it'd be a nice option to have!

    feel lucky that you get yours so fast - it took mine like 9 months to arrive

  • the clock is mph not kms on the packster.

    Also worth looking at the r&m youtube channel to get best use of the canopy - it is quite adaptable in case the shop didn't show you

  • (sorry for cross-posting from Dads/mums thread)
    Some families in NW London are trying to organise an event around different family cycling options like cargo bikes, long-tails, child bike seats and trailers. The idea is to get as many different options as possible available for people to try, so if you live vaguely in Harlesden/Willesden/Kensal and have a cargo bike, or want to get a cargo bike, send me a DM please. Thanks!

  • Don't CarryMe do something like this. Might be worth contacting them and see if they can help

  • Tall omnium

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  • I’m trying to convince Liz we need one of these. Mind you I’ve been trying for the last 4 years so don’t hold your breath.

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  • My kids are getting big for my box/elbowing each other and faffing about getting in and out, just remembered pedalme cargo bikes have like a central bench. Anyone know if they have seatbelts? And how they fit if they do? Im sure this may be a good choice for speedy mounting and increasing leg room for them

  • No seatbelts. Kids need to be old enough to sit unsupported and holding on to the rails. Enough room on there for 2x adults though!

  • Ah ok! My kids are 4 and thought I could just make a bench for them but reckon without seatbelts they’d just stand up all the time/ try and jump off thinking it’s funny

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Cargo Bikes

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