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  • Maguras

    DX or gtfo

  • A friend sent me a photo of myself. How do I sue the poster for saying I'm not putting effort in, just because I make it look easy? Cheeky bastard.

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  • spotted an oak cargo bike today at crofton park station, someone here?…

  • Might be quickest to ask Ryan directly, he can't have built too many of those. :)

  • Was your battery charged this time?

  • Ha! I think that might have been the Fulham-Peckham with 8 bikes and no battery day actually.

  • After the theft of our Babboe e-city cargo bike, we’re left with some annoying leftovers that were not on the bike at the time, including the battery and charger, the cargo area rain cover (with metal frame) , an extra wood seat, the frame for a babyseat (maxi cosi compatible) and an overall rain cover (not Babboe-specific… for storage not while riding).
    Would love to get something for them, but they aren’t in perfect condition and the priority is just to get them out of the house, so if you can collect from NW10, they’re yours. Hope they’re of use to someone! Please DM if you want them 😀

  • Perhaps package it up and list it on eBay?

    Battery replacement alone is in the £500 range + all the extras, you're looking at over £1k at retail.

    Seems too generous to give it away and on the plus side, whoever bids on eBay might be the person who nicked it...

  • Went to London green cycles yesterday.

    I really want a bullit.

  • Front tyre doesn't fit. boooo!
    I knew I was pushing is with a 2.3" but Omnium say 2.1" with mudguards so I thought it might just squeeze in. Oh well, I'll just have to try and find a 2.1 in stock somewhere

  • no

    dont repeat my mistakes

  • Next issue, there's no bolt in the seatpost clamp.
    Nor in the box or packaging

  • You mean doesn't fit with the mudguard? I'm running 2.3 on mine, but I don't use a guard.

  • No, no guard, just rubs the inside of the fork legs. I've got a super wide BMX rim though which is probably making the tyre even wider

    Edit: Comes out at a measured 60mm so ~2.36"

    Maxxis Grifter

  • Also, pictures on the Omnium website have post mount brake mounts. The actual frame has IS mount. Which isn't quite as nice but I'll need to buy adapters now as I was expecting post

  • Ah, probably the reason then. I run fairly narrow rims.


  • Thats fine, bullitt is hipster's/cyclist's cargo bike. You want people's cargo bike; like the urban arrow or cube.

  • I can't see a mini-max photo that has post mount on their website but strangely there is a purple cargo photo which does.

  • You've met me right?
    I am an aspiring hipster/ cyclist.

  • Yeah that's what I'd seen. Its the cargo I got but had only looked at the purple photos. The black one does indeed have IS

  • I am an aspiring hipster/ cyclist

    Welcome to LFGSS

  • as the omnium classics are on sale i am thinking about getting a mini classic. i don't have a lot of room to store it and move a decent bit, so one of the larger ones is probably a no-go.

    i don't normally transport heavy loads but might cart around my dog (about 22kg) and groceries.

    perhaps eventually put a bafang on it since the shimano steps model isn't available.

    anyone have thoughts? also is the stated tire clearance accurate? i am attracted to the wifi because of how awful the roads are here but, availability.

  • if you can afford consider Tern GSD, same if not more capacity, smaller and easier to store

  • huh had not looked at that one. looks very nice thanks! not quite as cool lol

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Cargo Bikes

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