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  • Many motors are within the certified '250w' category, but some motors 250w are more than others, certainly in torque. They vary WILDLY. Been on some Bosch hybrid city bikes that can barely move out of their own shadow, and yet the top gen4 cargo/cx line motors really shift, both same category. Shimano is much the same, e5000 is for city bikes only, e6100 does well and is quiet, e8000/EP8 same as top Bosch's in performance, little louder after they've done a few thousand miles.
    With a cargo, get the highest torque/NM/lbFt figure motor you can afford. Having dual batteries mounted at all times makes no odds, many carry a second battery in a bag on the bike anyway, then just swap over if you need it.

  • C2W invoice handed over to HR/Finance. Should be the new owner of an omnium in a couple weeks fingers crossed.

    Now, where do I get a little wheel from?

  • where do I get a little wheel from

    Me 😎

  • Huge if true. What you got?
    15mm TA?

    I was otherwise going to use my MTB wheels and re-lace the front hope hub to a Spank rim from wiggle purely for its name

  • Which one in the end?

  • I'll be honest, after seeing yours I was dead set on a blue one.
    Sadly stock availability has meant that's not an option without a hefty wait and there's a black one available so that's what I'm going with. WiFi Cargo.

    Going to port across most of the parts from my not very used MTB probably, and do the rack webbing myself. All I need is the little wheel, some matching tyres and a longer brake hose I expect

  • I have a completely unused set of Omnium rack webbing if you want it?

  • port across most of the parts from my not very used MTB

    Ha opposite of what I did. Now have half a cargo to build, on the cheap 😅

  • This is probably very obvious, but get the omnium kickstand as well

  • Joined the gang…. And well happy about it.

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  • Which colour is it closer to?

  • Will be doing some simple tinkering to get the fit a bit sportier. Longer stem, straighter bars. Possible setback post

  • It’s supposed to be a racing green

  • Sorry, meant which pic.

  • 1st one. See pics 3. & 4 also like 1st

  • Need to workout best loading setup for the tools. And will probably mean a different box but pleased I got the side panel kit nonetheless

  • Thanks, I like both but enquiring minds, et cetera.

  • I'd been hunting for a 20" front guard to finish off my cycletruck and @MCamb very kindly sent one over for postage that was just missing the crown bracket. An hour bodging a new one and bending the stays to fit the mid-blade braze ons and it's good to go. Hopefully it won't get ripped off on the first curb, the flap's rather low..
    Really love this bike, gets used pretty much daily around town. Still flip flop between loving and hating the colour, so will probably get it powder coated before winter.

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  • Nice install, I’d trim the fender stays just a smidge more until there’s nothing to snag a shin with.

  • So for the Bullitt I want to switch up to tan wall tyres. Anyone got a good matching 26” and 20” that’ll do the job? (* doesn’t have to match)

    Although don’t have to match I was thinking on the panaracer 26” x 1.75” rear which is easy to find

    20” tan walls seem to be in short supply..

  • trim the fender stays just a smidge more until there’s nothing to snag a shin with.

    Or the SKS caps might work well

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  • Cheers, think I've got some rubber grommets somewhere in the toolbox to go over the ends, if I can't find them the grinder will be coming back out.

    @markairsy1 the 20" Grifter and 26" DTH on mine above have been decent tyres. Off the top of my head they're both 2.3" wide. Took a bit of hunting to find the Grifter in tan wall, think I ended up ordering from Germany.

  • 20” tan walls seem to be in short supply..

    Have you tried Source BMX or Winstanleys for stock?

  • Most options seem to be out of stock unfortunately

  • They look good but not sure they’ll fit sitting at 2.3”

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Cargo Bikes

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