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  • Classic shop solution I've seen many times; works great.

  • Yes i think the tolerances will be nicer than my current tools as well

  • That one looks cheap, but hozan don't make crap so would give it a shot.
    Not a fan of the all sizes in one jobs, get on well at the unior single spoke wrenches and then have a full set of the double ended spanner types (often needed for cargo spokes as you get the tension up). Not stripped one yet!

  • Yeah so I've ordered a few of the larger options. One single park blue and a spanner type.
    Might also pick up the Hozan as a mobile option.

    Might get a 3 sided Spokey and file that out eventually. They feel so good.

  • Anyone in London have a medium Omnium I could swing a leg over for size?

  • or indeed a Large

  • got both sizes down in Bournemouth if that helps?

  • I've got a large in Hackney if it helps?

  • Anyone else had trouble with the front brake hose routing on their omnium? Mine has kinked when routed the obvious way. Any quick solutions?

  • Ooh yeah maybe. A large is definitely the right size for me, I've no doubt. I'm just wondering whether I could get away with a medium which would mean with the seatpost slammed, my girlfriend could more comfortably pop to the shops on it if needs be.
    But sitting on a large would probably confirm whether a size down would be too small for me

  • Well they definitely have short top tubes and long seat tubes, so I wouldn't want to size down personally. I'm already on a lay back post and a 120 stem and I'm a fraction over 6ft.

  • Haven’t they changed the geo of the WiFi’s ? Could be wrong :)

  • Right. I'm a similar height and usually prefer long and low so the medium may be quite short.
    Going to try and sort a C2W order next week.
    Cheers for the help anyway

  • Can anyone recommend an easy to follow online guide to converting a Bullitt to a motorised version?

  • Kickstand and childseat fitted (should have got a reclining one, the helmet hits the seat so he can't really look up which sucks).

    Brake issue sorted. Luckily I had loads of slack hose so routed it over the top of the frame instead. It doesn't kink now.

    Dad mode engaged

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  • Nice one. So when little’un gets a bit bigger, if you want a bigger seat, the Hamax Siesta tilts enough that it should fit on the front, facing backwards, on your steerer tube. I had mine like that until he was about 2.

  • Dad mode engaged

    You need Birks and flats for that.

  • I don't think there's a guide specific to a bullit, this video looks like it explains it­pages/mid-drive-kit-installation-guide

    Tbh I didn't use a guide l, it's that simple. I'd be happy to help.

  • yep same and I hounded @M_A_X with questions ;)

  • Amey how come you got a bullitt not an urban arrow?

  • because I am stupid and bought into the 'cool' bullitt vibes

  • BUT a real concern for me is our backyard is in 2 levels and I have got a ramp built to carry bikes, the 30-ish KG bullitt is just about manageable where I have to lift it towards the end of the ramp carrying up, 49kg urban arrow would be impossible with my arms/strength.

  • Off I didn't look at weights yet. Crikey 20kg more!

  • But its the best 'package'. Best value IMO.

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Cargo Bikes

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