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  • The spec isn't great - I would not trust a cargo bike at full load with roller brakes.

    I imagine it's a frame shared with other brands. There are no details on the website about the e-assist or components either but I found this:­t/raleigh-e-cargo-bike/

    Indicates Nexus 7 speed & roller brakes.

  • Excellent setup. Is it a bike hire company?

  • Flexy and twitchy with no load which is pretty impressive.

    You are correct about the frame. Someone told me the whole story- I'll post up if I remember the details or talk to them again.


    I think the one I rode had nu Vinci on the rear which is another no for me. I like defined gears and being able to twist through more of the range at once.

  • Fingers crossed I’m finally getting an eBullit within the next couple of weeks.. cannot wait

  • Just a generic with a badge on it, quite overpriced too, big trike is similar to a babboe i think, saving grace on it is the wheel build on the pair at the front is pretty decent, sapim strong on novatec.

    Ridge back stick their name on a few and they aren't bad, the two wheel long John style you'll see them all over with different names on, Ridge back spec an e8000 motor so it at least moves well, has alivio 9s on the rear which is sensible tbh.
    Most mid drive cargo would be much more wallet friendly if they ran 9s instead of 11 or 12s

  • Yep, called Buzzbike. You can hire a bike for £30 a month, including maintenance. Pretty basic bikes but useful if you're not a "cyclist" and want something inexpensive to get around.

  • very bathroom-y

  • Does anyone know of anywhere that sells individual 20" guards? Unlikely I know, but I'm after something that'll clear 20"(406)x2.3 for the front of my cycletruck, and I'd rather not buy a pair and have an unused rear.
    Alternatively, does anyone have one they'd sell? Or could recommend a pair that'd fit the above size? Rear 26" is already sorted.

  • Can anyone recommend a shop (central / south ish) to supply and fit a mid drive motor & battery?

    Two of my local LBS said no.

    Also preferably one that does cycle to work...

  • no shop will do this for you as the liability for (technically illegal) motor wont be covered by them or their insurance

    you have to DIY, I did mine, I can help if you have any questions.

  • You could send guy a message, leftfield bikes. Although he recently told me that the x1pro is difficult to source atm and I cannot see the bafang on his site now. Has suggested a grin hub motor kit as a good alternative.

  • Ah thanks both. I’d looked at the site and assumed that if they do it, others would too.

    I’ll have a ponder. It doesn’t look technically that difficult

  • It doesn’t look technically that difficult

    Its absolutely not, there are some tricks to do it neatly (cable management, battery mount etc) but nothing hard

  • Yeah it’s going on a Le Petite Porteur so I can look at how watt e-bikes did their conversions on Instagram!­

    Battery mounts are already in place etc, I’ve just no idea where any of my bottom bracket tools are anymore...

  • Whatever you need- I can lend.

  • I'll ask in the wheel building thread but thought this might be a good thread:

    I'm regularly dealing with 12g & 13g spokes and big nipples 🤭

    I'm getting tired of using a cheap multi spoke wrench. I'm guessing the (puctured) Hozan offering is of a similar quality, and is probably as annoying to use. I could be wrong, anyone have any experience with these?

    For anyone also regularly working on 12g & 13g, what nipple wrench(s) are you using?


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    • hozan-spoke-key-4962772151204-0-l.jpg
  • Sapim make a good 13g nipple wrench. Not sure about 12g but I haven’t looked

  • depends on where you are, I can also lend and if you want to see a conversion (On a bullitt) you are welcome to come and have a look

  • The Park Tool SW-0/1/2/3 range are pretty comfy to use. There are 4 sizes up to 4mm so check which one you need. The red one fitted the slightly bigger nipples on my wheel.

  • Yeah I measured a few nipples earlier, the largest is a bit over 4mm (about 4.2, I need some better measuring tools)

  • I'm getting tired of using a cheap multi spoke wrench.

    Because of the ergonomics or the (lack of) quality?

    If the later, I wonder if you could take a new one and harden it with a mapp or butane torch and something (oil?) to quench it in.

  • Actually, I have a Park nipple wrench I filed out to fit the larger nipples that were on an igh wheel I bought at some point as I couldn't find a wrench to fit.

    It was pretty nice to use.

  • harden it with a mapp or butane torch and something (oil?) to quench it in.

    🤔 I didn't consider that option and I like the sound of it, but it is more the ergonomics than lack of quality. I think choosing a nice feeling wrench and filing it to size sounds perfect.

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Cargo Bikes

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