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  • I'm still thinking about an Omnium. Does anyone have any thoughts about Mini-max vs Cargo?
    Is there any reason not to go for the cargo? Does the extra 13cm on the rack actually help with carrying more or is the mini max the way to go for overall size vs carrying ability?

  • From the FB owners' group the consensus seems to be that the cargo is stiffer under very heavy loads. Saying that I've never had any issues with stiffness on the mini-max (I don't carry anvils on a regular basis), and the shorter size is definitely a plus when I have to fit it in spaces designed for regular bikes. Ensure you have a short stem (size up on the frame if required) to keep a large useable volume up front.

  • get the one that can take Bafang easily

  • Ensure you have a short stem (size up on the frame if required) to keep a large useable volume up front.

    I was thinking about this. It's a tricky one.
    For a start, despite my 187cm, I'm all torso so I tend to need quite long reach compared to my saddle height so if I size up to get the right reach, the frame might feel a bit tall with not great standover.
    Another consideration is that it would be useful but not essential if my other half could hop on the bike and take it to the shops if necessary. She's quite a lot shorter than me and I thought with the medium rather than a large, she may be able to get around on it with a stem swap and the seatpost down but the difference in our height might be too great for that to work

  • London's flat and I like the extra training

  • I'd expect you to have quite a long stem on a Large, as I do on a Medium (180cm, 120mm stem).

  • Yeah I think the large is a 57cm and my road bike is a 120mm on a 56.5ish top tube which could go longer but I'm not going to be replicating that aggressive of a fit so I could do 100 or a bit less but that would definitely rule out my other half being able to ride it. Her road bike is something like a 50cm with a 70mm stem. I figure she could probably manage on the 55cm frame with a short mtb stem since it'll have flat bars and she'd only ever ride it to the high street 5 minutes away but the Large would definitely be too much. Maybe the medium would still be too

  • But generally you reckon the mini max is a bit more convenient and with not really much less carry capacity?
    Other than anecdotal stiffness reports

  • go big; why not? And add a pannier rack too.

  • I guess. They're the same price too I think

    Going to C2W a frameset and chuck all the bits from my MTB on it. I'd just need a front wheel and tyres

  • The reason I went cargo over mini max was the ability to fit the child seat adapter. If that's a consideration

  • Having cats is enough responsibility for me

  • not really much less carry capacity?

    I've got a cargo rack on my mini maxi, you just have a bit more of a hang over. I've also got the extender too.

    It does mean that you can stand it up on the front unsupported, but that's been the only slight down side.

  • if you go for a mini max you can always get an extender bar for occasional rides with bigger cargo.

    Mini Max is definitely twitchier than the Cargo which becomes more pronounced under really heavy loads but most of the time you won’t notice it and that same twitchiness makes the Mini Max feel more like a normal bike without cargo

  • Loading ability has been fine so far (I have the ext bar), a washing machine being the only load/exception when I thought I'm not doing that
    I would struggle to fit a longer bike through the door to our basement, and on national lines trains the MM is already taking the piss a bit, I reckon the Cargo could be refused entry. So for me yes the smaller bike has been the better option.

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  • Monstertruck!

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  • Can’t remember the exact fuel consumption as it was close to 3 years ago that we went to France.
    I felt comfortable driving around 100 km/h and did not go much above that, so fuel consumption wasn’t too bad. With two normal bikes on top the fuel consumption is around 6,0l/ 100 km, it was probably about 6,5 l/ 100 km.

    But it is definitely better than having to use a trailer to transport the bike.

  • I was not aware Raleigh produced cargo bikes so thought I would share the link­-cargo-bikes/

    This fast two-wheeler will bring you to every corner of the city. It's easy to manoeuvre in heavy traffic, even with a loaded box. The cargo bike has a robust, beautifully rounded, composite box with a 350-litre capacity offering the ultimate ease of use.

    RRP: £4950

  • Everyone's getting into the cargo game these days.

    I went for a full Omnium cargo and I'm regularly on or exceeding the weight limit carrying tools and stuff and anvils in the future hopefully.

  • I've started a new job, will be riding this a lot. Urban Arrow towing a Carla Cargo. It actually didn't take that much getting used to, I've only flipped the trailer once so far.

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  • Haaa. Do report back on how many long or short tons you can carry on that. :)

  • I like that flat bed thing on the front, any deets?

  • It was custom made, can carry up to 5 bikes at once pretty easily and securely. Quite well designed!

  • Yeah looks good

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Cargo Bikes

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