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  • Baller build so far. What's that seatpost?

  • It's a bontrager pro carbon. As are the bars.

    I need to get the fork on my supercaliber serviced so I'm going to put my GX AXS on the cargo bike for a few weeks. That's going to be hilarious

  • Beautiful build lad.

  • I’m going to say it again, Omnium really know how to do paint jobs. Loves their colours.

  • Fair point. I've got some cheap mech discs in the parts bin with the intent to use them, but I guess they are pretty cost effective nowadays, and bleeding isn't as intimidating as I once recalled it being after a couple instructional vids.

    Anyone care to chime in on rough length for their front hose on a Mini-Max? Want to sort out if most stock length 850-1000cm for a front brake will do, even if it might be blaringly obvious that it probably won't.

  • I wish I had the storage for one!

  • Me too. until we move house....we have nowhere to put it

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  • Stop it! <3

    Anyone on here with clever storage idea for a Mini Max either in or in front of Victorian terrace?

  • wheel it through the house at the back, its the most sustainable solution; cheaper (no asgard) and safer too.

  • I keep mine inside my narrowboat...there’ll be no issues in a house👍

  • Omniums stand on their nose so you could mount a hook or something near the front door, I live in a 1st floor flat and I kept my Mini-Max on its front end in my front porch all the time.

    Got WiFi Omnium Cargo and Mini-Max frames in stock in the UK if anyone’s looking, new colourways are sexy

  • Got WiFi Omnium Cargo and Mini-Max frames in stock in the UK if anyone’s looking, new colourways are sexy

    Must resist

  • Would be interested to see a picture of your system.

    I don't deny it can fit in the house, just not sure I can make it become a "feature" for the hallway to my OH

  • I’ll put my Mini-Max in when I get a chance (we have an outhouse now for bikes as my OH got a Bullitt).

    It makes for a great overflow drying rack

  • Mine is like art in my manboatcave!😂

  • This is the fit I was worried about...

    Can't open the boot obviously. But happy that it will go.

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  • Turn it around so the bike is facing backwards with the rear wheel partially in front of your wind screen?
    I do the same with our Bullitt during transport on the roof of our car.

  • Now you've got me wondering if I can get my bullit on the roof of our Tiguan.

  • How the f do you lift a Bullitt that high, two person job minimum surely?
    Love to see a pic of this.

  • I’ve seen a Thule tandem roof rack used with a Bullitt, it pivots down to the floor so you can slide it on like a ramp and then lift the back end to push it up onto the roof of your car.

    I’ve also seen the above copied with a ladder, securing the Bullitt to the ladder first, getting the front end onto a roof rack/bars and then lifting the back end up and on

  • Indeed a two person job. I made a wooden support frame to be used on top of the transverse bars. This way the Bullitt is positioned closer to the roof (compared with a Thule style bike rack), makes lifting it in the roof a lot easier.

    Made a cut out for the steering rod using a chisel, the bike is supported underneath the cargo area.

    Have used it for a cycling trip in France, we drove more than 700 km with the cargo bike on the roof before we started cycling.

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  • Is fuel efficiency not horrendous with a cargo bike up there?

    Two regular bikes on the roof killed the mileage on my wee Suzuki Alto.

  • Definitely two.... but my wife has been asking constantly whether we can take "the [family] bikes" with us on trips.

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Cargo Bikes

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