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  • Talk to Cargo Creations in Stirling, Scotland!
    Don't think he has a website, but he has measurements for Bullitts, no idea on pricing but from what others have said they've been very happy with the quality and the pricing has been well under those from Rhino etc

  • there was a proper Larry vs Harry canopy on facebook marketplace a couple of weeks ago, seller was in wembley

  • iOS pano really getting confused about what a charity shop run looks like.

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  • More dog in cargo bike spam

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  • Dog in cargo bike is never spam

  • Need more of this pls

  • Go on then..

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  • Yes, more, please, always more. :)

  • I'm sure this has been asked before, but those with omnium cargo classics...what's the biggest tyre size you've managed? Without guards

  • 26 x 2.1, 20"(406) x 2.1

  • Actually I think the front might have been wider than that 🤔

  • The mudguards that Omnium sell actually sit above the tyre so you don't have to factor it when choosing tyres. I'm running guards with a Sergio Fly 2.125" without issue, and a WTB Horizon 650bx47 on the rear

  • Hadn't considered running a 26 wheel. Interesting.

  • It does mean the bb sits quite low.

  • I know of a few people who have made a cargo bike from recycled frames etc and I've been collecting parts for just this purpose, but wondered if anyone on here has done so?
    Apologies if I've missed mention in other threads.

  • Yeah a few people on the thread have done..

    here's mine, was probably at mk2 stage in this picture.. after crashing into a parked car!

    Currently disassembled, but will be building her up again soon.

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  • Do it!
    Both of my creations are still going strong and keep the household car free.

  • That top one is just mega :D.

    Do you know how much it weighs?

    Both are super cool

  • It weighs around 30kg, so not THAT far from a Bullitt.

  • Superb!

    I nearly bought an Omnium Mimimax in late 2019, but knew I wouldn't be able to get it up the tight stairs into the flat and it wouldn't last the week chained up on the street, but my desire (and need) has continued to grow so reasoned something without much money invested in it would fit the bill

  • I bought the Muddy Fox for 18€ and the steel was under 100. Parts were all bought used so the whole build was around 500€. The most expensive bit was the facing tool for the long headtube. I had to buy it and build an extension to ream and face the mild steel tube i used. All the shops that sell those pricey cargobikes seem to just whack the headsets in and told me they didn't have the tools...

  • I use cargo bike for my decorating & carpentry work. I've even bought a 4-section extension ladder (ok for 1st floor guttering sometimes) which sits in top of the cargo box. I have a small van which sits on the driveway unused most weeks. Suprises me too that so few trades people use cargo bikes.

  • Ordered a Cargo Classic frameset today. All being well il have it just in time for 3 weeks parental leave in the summer.

  • Still wanted to thank everyone for the advice. Haven’t had much time for research or bikes for that matter. Girlfriend told me about the gazelle makki and we should be able to test ride one soon!

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Cargo Bikes

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