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  • is anyone looking for a Wifi Mini-Max frame? pre orders are rolling so let me know if you are

  • Any alternatives around for the Fahrer Bullitt Panel bags?
    We are moving on the canopy to friends and replacing it with the side panel kit so will lose the bags in the process.

  • I bought one of these:

    and attached it by drilling holes in the backplate and fixing it using zipties.

  • I found MOLLE pouches to be good. You can get all different shapes and some sizable ones. The modular bits means they're pretty easy to attach.

  • ^excellent input, thanks both!

  • Decathlon do some 5 or 10 litre dry bags under their "itiwit" brand that fit nicely. Cable ties and a bit of plastic sheet material to stiffen the back edge of the bag and your winning.

  • Have a request/favour to ask.
    I’m in need of a cargo bike for test filming for a short bike film 7-11 June in london. Would need a cargo bike LvH or similar preferably electric assist, but can do without, with owner rider (if free) or without if not.
    I’m going to contact london green, velorution and pedalme, next week to see if they’ll sponsor/provide a cargo bike but not sure if a) they’ll provide one for the film at all, or b) if they do provide one, if one will be available for the test shoot.
    If you have one and are willing for it to be used drop me a pm, otherwise if you know someone who’d be willing to let us use their cargo bike also let me know.

    Edit: should just say I’m looking to use the cargo bike as a camera bike (cameraman and camera will be in the cargo space), to film other cyclists on the road.

  • I have Fahrer bags and side panels I'm looking to move on after switching to canopy if you're interested.

  • I know that pedal me does filming work they also do it with a trailer if needed so you can set up multiple cameras.

    Also you should speak to @salmonchild as he would know more details

  • Toddles and baby in maiden journey to park

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  • 🥳

  • Big bro can keep a eye on the little one! Is that a

  • Yep it’s a Shadow

  • I hope it's the Magura version, for that 90s MTB vibe.

  • I hope it's not the Magura version, for avoiding that Dammit's MTB vibe.

  • Yep - Germany’s finest stoppers.

  • I'm not going near that thread, but I guess he's not using yellow HS33s?

  • MT somethings I think. The ones that fail on a seemingly daily basis.

  • I mean he's using discs, the Maguras I'm referring to are hydraulic rim brakes. They were a thing in the 90s, nowadays only seen on upmarket Dutch brands and German touring bikes. And trials bikes AFAIK.

  •, it's not using rim brakes, just the MT4 disc brake and massive rotors. Would defiantly fit a v brake or similar if I lived somewhere hilly....

  • I see, confusingly they're listing a Magura model and a disc model, as opposed to rim or disc...

    (I know this isn't the Steps one).

  • I'm still going around in circles... mostly due to availability X short attention span.

    Does anyone know of family box makers for a bullitt that can easily be imported into the UK. I'd like something with a canopy and about 60cm wide. look good but no canopy.

  • £495.... wow.

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Cargo Bikes

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