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  • Just built our first R&M Packster 70. Really lovely ride, very slow and stable, but not nearly as boatish as an Ubran Arrow. Very heavy though - ours is a derailleur model, and Eco/Tour seem completely useless. I worry about an Enviolo configuration in Seattle and would love to see a Rohloff option in the future.

  • Something new on the way from Omnium by the looks of it.

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  • so a bullitt? ;)

    the step over frame looks nice though

  • Yeah gonna be quite close to the Italian bronte xl bike, steel /alloy combo and has a high wrap around bar for cargo.
    Low bar is a good call, a lot of folk step through a cargo rather than swing round back of it.

  • He needed to wheelie it out of the warehouse and drop into an empty swimming pool for a proper hipsta finish.

  • Anyone else waiting for the next batch of omnium preorders? I missed it last time. Amazingly I've convinced the mother of my child that we could try a cycle touring overnighter...... to a hotel of course. Just need to get a cargo bike sorted for the little one.

  • Just need to get a cargo bike sorted for the little one.

    Making the child carry the luggage, I like it

  • He needs to learn some time

  • any UK stockists should have just had the last pre-order from Omnium land, we've got a load of WiFi Cargos and Classic Mini/Mini Variants in stock now

  • Do you do Cycle2Work? I'd like to look at options to order an Omnium on it

  • how many cargo bikes do you need?

  • I want to replace the Pashley Pronto by something nicer & faster.

    Ideal scenario - Omnium Ti, e-assist, 1x SRAM Rival eTap AXS

  • Can someone tell me the lowest possible gear ratio on Nexus 8? (I read somewhere that a 22T cog is maximum)?

  • @Thuekr 11spd hub has recommended ratio of 1:1.9 in the documentation, the 8spd documentation only says that the cog should be 16-23T.
    I've been using 32:20 on my Alfine8 for a while without issue, and there are plenty of people online who have used lower and I haven't seen many reporting issues.

  • Also currently trying to figure out the best way to carry my kryptonite fahgettaboutit chain. Was trying to see if there were any bags that a motorcycle would use to carry one..

    Currently put it in this pouch but feel like the pouch would be more useful for other things.

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  • I’m using an Ortlieb Outer Pocket for 4 years and still use the same bag. Rad3 has a picture indicating the sizing.
    I did make sure that the bottom of the bag is supported by the frame of the Bullitt and directly screwed the bag to my wooden panel. This required drilling of a couple of blind rivets of the bag before you can mount it directly.­n_GB/shop/product/ortlieb-outer-pockets-­l-for-rad3-kids-box-18#attr=

  • I like the scuba sleeve idea for a chain lock!
    going to give that a go when I can.

  • It's a bit late now as I already received one, but has anyone used a Fit bikes FAF 2.3 on the front? Looked like a good option due to the kevlar puncture protection belt and not too bad weight wise, but now I'm reading reviews from bmx'ers saying they have terrible grip in the wet. 😂
    Not ideal, especially with all the rain on the way, so just wondering if any of you have actually used them?

  • I've probably gone through about 4 pairs of fit FAF at least on my BMX bikes years ago. I think probably half of the riders in the Skate park used them at the time.
    Never had an issue with use on a bmx but that's quite different I guess.
    Not sure what those riders are doing in the wet but if it's rainy that's riding home time, maybe it's something to do with most bikes being brakeless?

    It has the knurled surface and slightly raised tread on the outer part of the contact area? Some didn't have that raised edge and followed the profile of the tyre where the outside tread wasn't raised but more of a cut out tread (hope I'm making sense 🤔)
    I think it's possibly the knurling (I'm sure that's bot actually the right term but I mean the little surface bumps) is more of a factor in being slippery than the actual tread. I only say this as it's much easier to do tyre slides before it wears away, then is trippy AF and much harder to slide.

    Funnily enough I feel like a lot of more recent tyre releases look like a hybrid of that style and the old Aitken tyre. So many brands with a similar design.

  • Raised tread in the pic with 2 angles, smoother profile in the other one. I suspect the lower profile one is the more slippery of the two.

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  • The raised tread version is the narrower 2.25 version and the 2.3 and 2.4 have the lower profile.
    Apparently the deeper tread version is for better grip on dirt, so I'm hoping the lower 2.3 should be better on the road.
    On the plus side it aired up tubeless really easily so I'm giving it a go. 😁

  • Hmm, I hope it works for you. As I say they were used by tons of riders some years back. 🤙🏽

  • Cycle2Work no
    Green Commute Initiative yes including Omnium and LvsH
    CycleScheme yes excluding Omnium and LvsH

    You're a business though right (or at least you run a business) so I'm sure we can help you out somehow, drop me a message

  • Can you allow top up of cyclesheme vouchers? For some reason, ours are still capped at £3k.

  • yeah it's never been an issue before, especially last year when people were turning up with voucher amounts that they had chosen (usually £1k) before realising how hard it was to get a bike for sub £1k in the middle of Covid

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Cargo Bikes

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