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  • Why the low weight capacity on these? Bullitts are rated up to 180kg (rider and cargo).

  • i think (limited research atm) that it's due to the box and not the bike itself. There is a german forum where someone transported something like 5 bags of 25kg of sand and it was ok.

  • On the same note, anyone with a good tip on a cargo bike for two/three kids?

    Plot twist, it's one boy (almost 3 year old now) and one baby girl still in a maxi cosi. Seems like r&m has a maxi cosi adapter but I can't find lots of pictures of how this translates to space left for the other kid.

    Also, looks like most people just find a way to strap the maxi cosi to the cargo bike in some way or another. Although I'm a keen DIY'er, kid safety is not something I want to mess with.

    The cube cargo was high on our list, but seems like the maxi cosi is a dealbreaker. Don't really want to spent R&M money right now, but seems like it's the only option atm?

    Thanks in advance with the help. Normally I would research this to dead but very few free time left :(

  • Bicicapce just long will suit that well, I reckon.

    Affordable too

  • There is a maxi Cosi fixing thing for racks from steco, and they do a version for babboe bikes.
    Should be adaptable to all cargo bikes I
    would think.­e/

  • I've gone over limit with 5 bags of river rock (about 270 lbs total) plus 30 lbs for the giant cargo box, plus myself (180 lbs)

    480 lbs.

    I wouldn't do it again. Felt totally abusive and dangerous. I was glad when I got home and apologized to the bike profusely. Promptly checked the wheels out also. It took it in stride, but I was nervous.

    I feel comfortable with <200 lbs cargo while riding slowly.

    I feel very comfortable riding along with <150 lbs of cargo. I go easy on the brakes.

    I ride with 100 lbs of cargo with blatant disregard for the bike.

  • My experience of maxi-cosy carriers for Babboe is that they're not as secure as I'd like personally. Once fitted, there's a fair amount of movement in the mount still.

    Though I'm not talking about the rack mounted version but the version available from babboe that are fitted to the inside/floor of the box

  • Can anyone recommend a roof rack that can do the long wheelbase of an Omnium Cargo?

  • Someone on the universal Bullitt owners Facebook group posted a marketplace listening for a Thule Tandem carrier 558P I think the model is.

    They don’t seem to be in stock anywhere though and the guy who shared the link did mention they are very rare.

    I assume most tandem roof racks would do the job? I think the Thule one was just particularly fancy (apparently it pivots so you can get it on and off easier)

  • Have you been looking at anything like the Benno Boost bike? It’s sort of like a sexy/cheaper Tern but essentially you can have two kids in the back (of various sizes if one is too big for a Yepp) and one on either the cross bar or probably on a rack (obviously only if they’re tiny)

    I’m sure any Danes reading this will say you can just use an Omnium cargo and a couple of inner tubes. I have sold a lady an Omnium cargo and she rides through the new forest daily and delivers her 3 kids of 2-3 years apart to their nursery, school and wherever else kids go

  • Looking at it. All the weight is at the front so I can't see why just strapping it to a normal fork mount rack wouldn't work. It won't go anywhere. Sure I could bodge an extension to the rack

  • Thanks everyone for the tips. Not to familiar with the cargo bikes world so I was always bent on getting all the kids in the box on the front. Not ideal so might be looking into alternatives. Still have lots of trailer straps lying around but the other half will be riding the cargo bike more than me and she'll need some convincing :p

  • I think you'll struggle to get both a loose child and a child in a car seat on the front of any of the front-loading bikes. Car seats are bigger than they look! You might want to have the older one in a Hamax or similar until the younger one is big enough to ride without a dedicated seat. Leaves you space for picnics, cushions, shopping etc.

    You are well into bakfiets territory. Do it!

  • I've seen/heard of people using a Thule sling for little ones and slung from the bullitt canopy. It's made for jogging strollers but I guess if you take it easy (as you would with a little one anyway).

  • My experience of maxi-cosy carriers for Babboe is that they're not as secure as I'd like personally. Once fitted, there's a fair amount of movement in the mount still.

    Isn't this designed in? It's suspension.

    Just fitted a MC adapter to our shadow, intention is we can fit a toddler and baby in at once. Not brilliant for toddles but he will fit with baby...

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  • Don't think so.
    I'll include some images.
    Do you see the little tab in the centre of the mount that swivels?
    That's the only thing keeping the carrier in there, and they are a loose rattley fitting, not a tight one.

    Now I haven't seen one rattle loose, but I haven't ridden one for an extended period of time. But if you ride the bike with the maxi cosi carrier in, it rattles like F. I guess I just don't trust that little tab and the noise of it while riding is annoying.

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  • Oh, that.


    We put some rubber washers under the mount that compress so the whole thing gets clamped down, front and back.

    Cargo bikes are bloody noisy though with metal stuff in them.

  • Cargo bikes are bloody noisy though with metal stuff in them

    You can say that again.
    Any ideas on a neat way to muffled the sound of motorbike chain?
    They often have a thin material covering but it's not enough I find.

  • Put it an musette then stuff it in a coat or whatever

  • Yeah, That's my current method

  • I stuff it in a bag under the kid(s) seat (Bullit folding seat). It doesn't change the seat height much and the kids weight keeps it quiet.

    Obvioiusly only works when the kid(s) are in.

  • Came out very nice. Impressive craftsmanship. I think I'll attempt a copy some time this winter.

  • We use an English Chains motorcycle chain on our Douze and I put MTB inner tube over the links (that was a fucker of a job!) but then used x2 old legs from a wetsuit to store the lock in when in the bike. That I just drop the whole lock into the wetsuit legs and generally the padlock end is too fat to come out the ankle end so effectively forms a giant sock!

    This then luckily fits behind the folding seat so is never removed from the bike or gets in the way and barely rattles.

    Everything else bloody does mind, especially when I go the refill store with about 15 empty glass jars...

  • I’m sure any Danes reading this will say you can just use an Omnium cargo and a couple of inner tubes.

    Ah! Yeah, and the bloody foreigners too. If I had an older child to carry as well as my toddler I'd just add a child seat at the back (toddler currently the top of his buggy, strapped to the front rack).

    @mtsdw going for a 3-wheeler would be the simpler option. Something like a Winther Kangaroo.

  • Hipster much (I'm just jealous...I was going to use these tyres on mine, Thought I was being unique, alas, no­Khw&t=33s

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Cargo Bikes

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