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  • This pic got me on the omnium story

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  • R&M packster 70 delayed again until end of May. 8 months and counting...

  • I have been told by a dealer that there are no more delays now and 8 weeks is the delivery time. That was a few weeks ago.

    Have they said what the delay is?

  • What spec and options did you go for?

  • R&M haven't but my dealer said it is just general supply chain issues coupled with huge demand

    I went for the vario/gates with the comfort kit, kids seat, canopy and performance brakes/lights

  • I get asked daily by folk why everything is delayed by fixed time/price changes/delayed by random time/spec changes, or some parts or bikes are just not available with no given date. Anything from a shifter, a cassette to full bikes.

    Would expect latest delays are from the ports being swamped, ships were mean't to arrive in a certain window /on a specific tide in order to be unloaded, they missed that due to Suez delays, so the ports are struggling to reorganize, and TBH most ports are operating at or already above capacity as many European retailers (and others) get back to work and their new stock comes in.

    We've just had an extra 2-6 weeks put on delivery dates in April/May that were 100% 'promise you they will come' deliveries, due directly to delays and suez reshuffle issues with UK + European mainland ports.

    At this point you just have to go with it, and try not to stress yourself or the retailer out anymore. We get pretty much daily calls about our collection of bikes awaiting parts (around 45 bikes now), despite each and every of them being firmly told, please don't contact us unless its an emergency or something has changed, as soon as it arrives, we'll stick it on your bike and get it out of here; and yet, every day 'Hi there.....'

  • Sales people I have talked to have told it like this. Either avoiding the question or telling me that it is all ok now.

  • Finally got a spin on an Omnium Cargo this week. What an amazing bike. Felt so much more natural that the big low platform cargo bikes ive tried before. Just waiting for the omnium preorders to go live for the medium frames now.


    11 miles total on this second hand E6100 Bullitt.

  • Once you get used to the omnium cargo (which doesn’t take long) you wonder how you ever got along without it. Amazing bikes, love mine to bits.

  • Love this. He's on a trike for sure! Great effort.

  • Yeah he must be. No way you could ride anything two-wheeled with so little handlebar input!

  • A Christiania trike, he mentions it in the vid :)

  • Yeah. From personal experience no hands on a Bullitt for any sustained period of time requires skills!

  • Haha, just came back to say. 53:25

    Edit: don't know how to get microcosm to not parse YouTube links

  • I've been in touch with him a bit about our different setups. He's got a little M-Audio speaker underneath the controller, and a large AC power bank supplying them both; rather than the other 12v options you tend to see on cargo bikes

  • R
    Nothings OK nowhere.

    Just had an order from 6 months ago, literally day before its meant to have been delivered moved back 5 months. Will be either my order has been bumped by another shop (it happens, or an error in their order sheets), or more likely, MFTR x was supposed to make and ship 500 units of product A and be delivered today to the distributor, but then when they opened the box last night, there were only 300 units of product A. So anyone who ordered or pre-ordered units of A #301-500 is now another 5 months until the next scheduled delivery.

    This is going to be a great phone call with the poor customer. Not talking cargo's here, talking about a pretty run of the mill bike component.

    If you get bad news/delay info from your retailer or supplier, please don't give them shit, trust that they are likely doing everything possible to make whatever item it is you ordered actually happen.

  • Those riding omnuims. What's the best tan wall tyre combo you've found so far?

  • Not used them on my omnium but have Maxxis DTH on a few other bikes. Not sure how well the casing will hold up on the rear if you're a heavier rider though.

  • Lots of bricks!

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  • Nice ! Cabbies seem to love asking me whether I can carry a ton of bricks on the cargo :D. So weird...

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Cargo Bikes

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