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  • Ha! It needs to be warmer for Lola now she’s had a haircut though!

  • We're looking at getting Tarlo a Hurtta jacket thing for riding all year round

  • I love the way he puts his head into the wind. :)

  • thinking about getting a dog now as an excuse to get a cargo bike

  • If I wanted to borrow a cargo bike to say, pick up some stuff from IKEA in the next couple of weeks, or indeed pay someone with a cargo bike to pick such things up, is this possible?

  • Yes, you can hire cargo bikes, or hire a cargo bike company to collect stuff for you from IKEA (eg Pedal me)

  • ikea greenwich do cargo bike deliveries

  • Ha, I got that same ("People's") poncho 🙂

    Also do love seeing dogs drive by on cargo bikes.

    Used to see one in a PedalPower longjohn-type bike regularly with
    ALL CATS ARE BASTARDS written on the tubes of the cargo area

  • I’ve made improvements to their wardrobes! Basically a sheepskin effect harness (£3.99 aldi each) a fleece hoody (£10 each reduced pets at home) and a wind proof/waterproof for over the top of any combo...! £17 each... ouch. That should be ok for most eventualities!
    I’m googling hurta though now😂

  • any of y'all used some sort of dog restraining system in the cargo bike? have been thinking of building an omnium for dog duties and the girlfriend is concerned she will be ejected

  • if you get a dog seatbelt harness that you’d use in a car (in theory) then put a sturdy carabina on the strap that normally you put the seatbelt through.

    Then get a ratchet strap or bungee (or something of that sort) and tighten to the rack. Then clip the carabina on to the rack and away you go.

    I’d recommend some kind of bakers tray or box so they know where the edge of the rack is and then maybe train them getting used to sitting in that

  • Thanks @M_A_X and @Jonny69 for the advice. The Bullitt is now in the communal bike shed, mercifully it fits OK so I don't have to lock it up in the back yard.

    Looking forward to putting the speakers onto it. Getting a new subwoofer soon too.

  • Yes Kev! Welcome to the club..

    show us a picture?

    What's the plan for powering the speakers?

  • Sounds as if cargo bike polo's slowly coming together. :)

  • Ex-polo for me now Oliver!

    It is this one:­y-Bullitt-Cargo-Bike-Shimano-7-Speed-Nex­us-Custom-Al-Platform-/164797425714?_trk­sid=p2349624.m46890.l49286

    It is by a very, very long stretch the most amount of money I have ever spent on a bike. Trying to suppress my anxiety about that. Had I not saved so much during the last year from not going out and not going on holiday, I would never have been able to buy it.

    What's the plan for powering the speakers?

    They are 12v battery powered

  • Looks great!

    Needs a dynamo and a bafang when you're ready to spend the next wedge..

    Such a useful bike, you won't regret it

  • I have used a bit of webbing around the head tube, which terminates in a small carabiner. This threads through a small hole, and my dog leads (the retractable things) have a strong loop about 12” from the end. This goes through the carabiner, and even if they plop off the edge, they just dangle! In harnesses, obvs!

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  • Finally put the 650 on, ride is loads nicer and didn’t even need to squid the CS. now quite excited for the wifi due in 3ish months.

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  • Got a test ride booked with london green cycles on Friday for a Bicicapace Just Long E. Anyone got one/any thoughts on them? Seem keenly priced and I like that they're steel.

  • Hi everyone,

    Whats the deal with Omnium Cargo bikes and trains, any experiences? Are they allowed on?

    Specifically looking at the Mini-Max Wifi......want to it cart the dog around and also some touring, would love the option of hopping on a train with it too. Is it too big?

  • @EvenWhileYouSleep some cargo train chat on this page

    personal experience is that I have taken my Mini-Max classic in the past and currently my WiFi on trains without issue but I only travel on SW trains so can't speak for the rest of the country

  • Took my Mini-Max with the fam on the train this Easter for some "touring". National line I should add, the suburban trains have a bike carriage.
    The bike as seen, with baby seat and 2 bikepacking bags (there's a handlebar one on the extension bar) was pretty heavy, so I needed help from another passenger to haul it onto the train. Negotiating the corner to the reserved space was a real challenge, as the passage was really narrow (because of guard room, toilets). The space itself was fine. The guard complained despite not really having anything to say, as we did not break any rules per se.
    On the way back (pic below) the space was right by the door, so much easier to hop on and off, although I still needed help. Guard was OK.
    All in all it was alright, but a bit stressful with a toddler, and I'm not sure we will do it again in the same circumstances.

    This was in Denmark, but it should give you an idea.

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  • Taken omnium cargo on trains between Glasgow and Edinburgh, doesn't stand out to much, i just get on at non barrier stations anyway as that's whats closest. Normal bike space on some trains a bit small, but loads on this line have huge space around the toilet.

  • Just got my new wifi yesterday in the Diablo red colourway, rides like a dream.

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Cargo Bikes

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